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Firstgrade launch new Chinook air separator

Firstgrade Recycling Systems will be using RWM 2013 to launch their new Chinook air separator.

Called the Chinook because it uses two powerful fans, the new air separator is designed to increase both throughput and efficiency in waste recycling plants, while at the same time reducing labour costs.

‘We developed the Chinook as a response to customers dissatisfaction with their traditional picking stations,’ said Alan Valentine of Firstgrade. ‘The main application of the Chinook is to pre-sort material prior to picking. This reduces the labour requirement and improves both the quality and quantity of materials recycled.’

Levenseat Recycling in Lanarkshire have recently installed a Chinook air separator and picking station in their sorting line for C&I waste.  

The Chinook provides a three-way split of material, separating light waste to be used for refuse-derived fuel, mid-weight waste to one picking conveyor, and heavy waste to another picking conveyor. Prior to installing the new Chinook and picking station, all the material went onto a single picking belt which could not cope with the volume of material. Since installing the new system, Levenseat Recycling have reported a reduction in their labour requirement and an increase in recycling rates.

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