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First electric-drive Cat machine rebuild for Heidelberg Materials UK

New lease of life – Heidelberg Materials UK’s rebuilt Cat 988K XE electric-drive wheel loader New lease of life – Heidelberg Materials UK’s rebuilt Cat 988K XE electric-drive wheel loader

Company welcomes rebuilt Caterpillar 988K XE electric-drive wheel loader back at Whatley asphalt plant  

COMMISSIONING machine rebuilds is already an integral part of Heidelberg Materials UK’s fleet management plan. Earlier this month, the company welcomed a rebuilt Cat 988K XE electric-drive loader back to its Whatley asphalt plant following a Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild, giving it a new lease of life and many more hours of operating capability.

The electric-drive machine has been operating at the plant in Somerset since 2018 when the company bought it from Finning, the world’s largest dealer of Cat equipment and parts. It was purchased with one of the top-level warranty packages offered by Finning at the time, which included a full servicing and maintenance programme and remote asset condition monitoring, so that any faults could be identified and fixed before the machine was at risk of failure. 

As the loading shovel began to reach 18,000 hours, the operational team began discussions with Finning to identify the best replacement solution that fulfilled both the company’s commercial needs and sustainability objectives. 

‘Finning guided us through the process of comparing the benefits of buying a new machine with having the machine rebuild instead,’ commented Luke Morgan, fleet manager for Heidelberg Materials UK. ‘We carefully considered all the benefits and concluded that the rebuild was the best option for us at this time. 

‘Doing so not only supports our company-wide commitment to sustainability and enables us to reduce our carbon footprint but, crucially, choosing to have the machine rebuilt also meant we could have it back operating on-site within 12 weeks. Finning was also able to provide a five-year warranty reassuring us that the machine will continue to operate effectively during its next life.’

In 2022, Caterpillar launched an upgraded version of their 988K XE loading shovel. The latest version can deliver up to 10% faster downhill speeds, improved rim pull, and increased hydraulic breakout force resulting in a further increase in productivity on the previous model of around 5%. The latest version also improves cycle times in load and carry applications and offers faster maneuverability as a result of having an optional counterweight which increases stability. 

Mark Tudball, engine and drivetrain product manager at Finning, explained the additional benefits of choosing a rebuild for this machine. ‘The electric-drive transmission in the Cat 988K XE means there are fewer moving parts than on a manual transmission,' he said. 'This means there are fewer components – around 20% fewer – and, therefore, fewer moving parts to recondition and replace as part of the rebuild process. 

‘A further advantage is that the rebuilt machine benefits from having the latest engineering updates, which may include parts or electronic software. So, despite being built originally in 2017, the rebuilt machine has the same functionality and performance as the later 2022 model, ensuring maximum longevity and efficiency.’

Gary Huxley, product support sales manager at Finning, added: ‘Managing machines throughout their operational life is a key part of Heidelberg Materials UK’s fleet management approach. We’ve worked with the company for more than 20 years with Cat machines making up a large proportion of its total fleet…Rebuilt machines are becoming a mainstay in the company’s fleet. 

‘Between 2021 and 2023 they have had 14 machines rebuilt, including a Cat 988K that had a Cat Certified Powertrain rebuild at 17,000 hours and is still going strong at 28,600 hours, and a Cat 988H which has been rebuilt several times and is still operating with 47,000 hours on the clock. The company has also previously commissioned rebuilds of a Cat 972, five Cat 980s, and seven Cat 775s.’

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