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First Bell ADT purchase for Longwater Gravel

Bell B30E dumptruck

New B30E articulated dumptruck ticks all the boxes for Norfolk-based aggregates firm

LONGWATER Gravel have purchased their first Bell Equipment machine, a B30E articulated dumptruck (ADT), which has hit the ground running and already proved its capabilities to the Norfolk-based aggregates supplier.

With a need to keep three quarries operating throughout the Norfolk area, Longwater Gravel say they depend on the reliable function of powerful off-highway vehicles with the ability to perform consistently.

In the past, the company met its off-highway vehicular needs by purchasing pre-owned dumptrucks. Recently, however, it found the need to acquire a used truck at a crucial time could not be achieved due to lack of machine availability in the current busy market.

‘The shortage of suitable pre-owned trucks naturally led us to look for a new, but highly appropriate ADT solution,’ said Will Littleboy, managing director of Longwater Gravel.

‘To find the right machine for the job, we chose to test drive demo a version of a new machine manufactured by our usual supplier of pre-owned trucks, alongside, for the first time, a Bell Equipment ADT.’

Mr Littleboy had been talking with Bell Equipment about the ADT options open to him for some time and says he had heard promising reports regarding Bell from various industry associates. With his pending need to discover what the market had to offer, he felt the moment was right to put a demo model B30E through its paces.

‘We ran the two manufacturers’ demo machines side by side in the quarry, with the task of carrying stone along a half-mile haul to our processing plant. The exercise showed the Bell to be unquestionably superior in a number of ways,’ he said.

‘Operator comfort and drivability were of notable merit; they are factors that matter to us, as when our drivers are physically supported at the wheel and find controlling the vehicle an enjoyable experience, they’re more gratified in their role and, consequently, feel greater ownership towards the truck.

‘Then there’s the Bell ADT’s on-board technology, which couldn’t fail to impress. Its weighing systems not only heightened safety on site, but also helped to encourage efficiencies.

‘And, with the inclusion of floatation tyres, we soon found that we were demoing a vehicle with the ability to not only perform gravel-moving duties, but also to competently fulfil restoration work when a quarry requires skilful refilling, thus making the Bell B30E a multi-purpose machine.’

Mr Littleboy also made reference to the B30E’s option to feature Bridgestone extra-wide, low-ground-pressure tyres that better displace the machine’s force and prevent underfoot conditions from becoming too compacted, so ground drainage is improved within refilled quarry environments.

‘After considering the many advantages the test model had to offer, we bit the bullet and opted to buy a new B30E, complete with onboard weighing and SafeTip systems, as well as the low-ground-pressure tyres. 

‘We haven’t looked back since and have found the machine to be more reliable than anything we’ve used before. It gives improved pull and our operator thinks it’s great – comfortable, quiet and capable, proving itself to be a machine that makes his life easier.

‘Our B30E represents excellent value for money, and the model is proving itself comparable to machines manufactured by high-end competitors in terms of capability,’ said Mr Littleboy. ‘We’re very pleased with our decision and have just ordered another B30E for delivery before the end of the year.’

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