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Finning seal deal with James Jamieson Construction

New Aberdeen plant hire business equips itself with a full fleet of Caterpillar equipment

NORTH-east Scotland’s newest plant hire company, James Jamieson Construction Ltd, has recently purchased an entirely new plant hire fleet comprising 12 new items of Caterpillar plant from Finning.

The fleet includes two Cat 308Ds, two 312Ds, a 315D, two 320D and a Cat 336DL excavator, two Cat D6 LGP track-type tractors, a Cat CS 54XT surface compactor, a Cat 323DL medium-sized hydraulic excavator and a Cat 972H wheel loader.


James Jamieson Construction Ltd came into existence in early 2011 to satisfy a sudden gap in the plant hire market in north-east Scotland, previously filled by numerous competing businesses, now all currently in administration.

‘In the past, a significant amount of business in the Aberdeen area and the north-east of Scotland was carried out by the main contractors in the region, leaving little room for other companies to compete in the crowed market place,’ said managing director James Jamieson.

‘However, since their departure from the market there has been a significant void that a plant hire and contracting firm with the right knowledge and experience behind it could step into, and this is just what we have done.’

Commenting on the company’s decision to invest in Caterpillar plant from Finning, Mr Jamieson said: ‘As a business, James Jamieson Construction Ltd is still very much in its infancy, but myself and my father, Jim Jamieson, have a lot of experience in plant hire. We made sure to give the business its best start possible by investing in Caterpillar equipment with the support, advice and guidance of Finning.

‘Finning offer a lot in the way of services and support for the equipment they supply,’ said Mr Jamieson. ‘I’m especially impressed with their ‘VisionLink’ equipment-monitoring system, which is fitted to the Cat 320DL, Cat 323DL, Cat 336DL hydraulic excavators and the Cat D6N LPG and Cat D6T LPG dozers.

‘VisionLink allows us to track our machines, monitor data from the equipment and plan maintenance schedules quickly and simply from almost any location, as it is all done over the Internet via an easy-to-use interface.

‘In addition to VisionLink, we also have a preventative maintenance service contract with Finning that ensures that the rest of the fleet is well looked after. If VisionLink proves to be a big success, the rest of the fleet will be also be signed up to the system,’ added Mr Jamieson.

Commenting on the deal, Finning territory account manager John Middleton said: ‘Working with James Jamieson Construction Ltd to build up their fleet of Caterpillar plant equipment has become a very important project for Finning in this part of Scotland, and to become a working partner with a brand new business is a very positive opportunity to build a successful working relationship.’


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