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Fairport Engineering choose Mogensen equipment

FAIRPORT Engineering Ltd have recently designed and built a new limestone powder and granular materials plant for a major customer in Derbyshire, and once more chose to include two Mogensen vibratory screens and a special spreader-feeder in the design.

The two 1.5m wide, four-deck, Type C1544 screens handle a total feed of 80 tonnes/h of –10mm dry limestone and make separations at 4.7mm, 3.5mm and 2.0mm. In order to produce accurately defined fractions, it is essential that the incoming feed is distributed evenly between the two screens and across the whole width of each screen. To achieve this, Mogensen designed and supplied a twin-outlet vibratory spreader-feeder, which fulfils these requirements and provides an optimized, steady feed to each screen.

The two C1544 units are installed side-by-side with the feeder mounted above them. Each of the screens is driven by two in-line 1,800W Invicta BLz40- 35/4 rotary electric vibrators with linked shafts delivering a circular mode of vibration at 1,490 rev/min. The feeder is powered by two side-mounted Invicta BLz40-36/6 vibrators, which induce a linear vibratory action.


All three machines are fully dust-proofed and were supplied complete with flexible connectors to the inlets and all product outlets.

Mogensen say the type of feeder involved in this project has been a particular success for the company, with similar units having been installed widely in the UK as well as in Bolivia and Chile. The feeder also attracted a large number of enquiries at this year’s Hillhead exhibition.



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