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Extended warranties from Volvo Used Trucks

Volvo used trucks

Volvo Used Trucks drive warranty provision to new lengths with new optional extensions 

VOLVO Used Trucks have extended the warranty cover available across all vehicles sold through their network of 14 manufacturer-owned retail sites nationwide, demonstrating the confidence they have in the quality of their product and preparation. 

The new optional extended warranties cover all models and all grades of vehicle, including Volvo Selected, Volvo Approved and Volvo Economy, and help to reinforce the benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer. 

Volvo Selected vehicles come with a 24-month/360,000km (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s driveline warranty included in the price, which can now be optionally extended to 36 months/540,000km – longer than the original warranty supplied on a new factory-built vehicle. 

Carl White, national sales and brand manager at Volvo Used Trucks, said: ‘We underwrite our own warranties and we know the full history of almost every vehicle we sell. Being able to offer a three-year warranty highlights just how strong our product is; we are pushing up the standards of used trucks all the time.” 

Volvo Approved vehicles come with a 12-month/180,000 km manufacturer’s driveline warranty included, now extendable to 24 months/360,000km, whilst Volvo Economy vehicles were previously offered with a six-month unlimited mileage basic driveline warranty, now extendable to 12 months.

‘This means it’s possible to purchase a vehicle from us and have warranty cover up to eight years old and beyond 1,000,000km. That’s a big statement of confidence; we don’t believe there’s a comparable warranty like it on the market,’ added Mr White. 

Volvo Used Trucks sell more than 2,000 vehicles every year, predominantly sourced from returning ex-contract hire trucks, meaning they can validate the full repair and maintenance history for each vehicle,  giving buyers the confidence that all service work has been carried out by Volvo-trained technicians using original equipment parts, including the precise specification oils and lubricants. 

Crucially, all Volvo Used Trucks warranties provide cover for the AdBlue system and the clutch, both of which are often excluded from rival policies. 

With a Volvo warranty, claims are authorized directly by Volvo staff and approved claims are settled directly with the repairing dealer. Claims are not subject to a loss adjuster and customers do not have to pay for the repairs and then reclaim the cost, nor are they liable for VAT, all of which can happen with mechanical breakdown insurances. 

For Selected and Approved vehicles, breakdown cover through Volvo Action Service is included for authorized claims and pan-European warranty cover can also be added upon request.

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