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Expressways ‘a move in the right direction’

Malcolm Bingham

Freight Transport Association welcomes Highways Agency plans to improve UK roads

‘A MOVE in the right direction’ was the Freight Transport Association’s response to news that a new class of continental-style ‘expressways’ are to be developed as part of the Highways Agency (HA) Road Investment Strategy.

The FTA has said it supports of the development of ‘expressways’ on major A roads and considers them to be a step forward to improve the reliability and safety on some of the major routes across the UK.

Malcolm Bingham (pictured), head of road policy at the FTA, explained: ‘The FTA supports the concept of developing and improving England’s strategic road network. The concept of developing ‘expressways’ on A roads is good news, and has to be a step forward to improve the reliability of and safety on these vital strategic corridors.

‘We have seen significant improvement on the A1 between Peterborough and Doncaster by creating a free-flowing A road around some previously notorious junctions. Routes such at the one to the south-west of England should also benefit from this type of road upgrade.’

The Road Investment Strategy was presented by the Highways Agency ahead of it being transformed on 1 April 2015 into the new private sector roads operator called Highways England.

Ministers say the new government-owned company marks ‘a step change’ in how England’s roads are maintained and managed, and will be responsible for delivering more than £15 billion of investment by 2021.


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