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European manufacturers missing out on ‘£10 billion of potential energy savings’

Recent findings from a major survey, carried out on behalf of Brammer UK, distributors of industrial MRO products, show that the European manufacturing sector is failing to capitalize on more than £10 billion of potential energy savings a year.

The 2008 Brammer Energy Survey found that, although many manufacturers are acutely aware of the importance of making energy savings, few are exploiting the full potential savings that they could make.

Data from the survey showed that the potential energy savings from mechanical power transmission (MPT) products, such as motors, bearings and belts, used in plants across Europe are being overlooked despite representing a considerable possible saving in both financial and environmental terms.

More than 330 European manufacturing companies took part in the survey, with over 75% of the respondents saying energy saving is a important issue for business, but only 6% believe that they have achieved all the possible savings at their plants.

Around 60% of the companies surveyed claim that they are in the process of planning or implementing energy savings, however, very few firms are utilizing MPT products at their plants, where the most substantial savings are to be made.

Brammer estimate that fitting more efficient motors and drives could deliver energy savings of up to 15%, which would save nearly £6 billion and reduce over 47 million tonnes of CO2 annually across the European Union states.

These figures for motors and drives alone are actually higher than the total possible annual savings anticipated by the respondents, many of whom had not even considered MPT changes in their energy-saving plans. This means the potential annual energy savings could be over £10 billion for the European manufacturing sector.

Ian Ritchie, managing director of Brammer UK, commented: ‘Increasing energy savings has three key outcomes: the reduced operational cost of the plant; more competitiveness in European manufacturing; and, for the well-being of the planet, reduced carbon emissions from fuel consumption.

‘With awareness of the impact of climate change ever-increasing, manufacturers across Europe are coming under increasing pressure to meet green targets and cut energy consumption. Plant managers now recognize this, but our findings indicate that there is a great deal more that they could do.

‘By helping them to realize just how large a role MPT products can play in this, we can help manufacturers easily and effectively make substantial energy savings that are significantly higher than they anticipate.’

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