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Essential construction site guidance from BRMCA

BRMCA guidance

BRMCA publishes new practical guide for site-based employees and contractors in construction

THE British Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (BRMCA) has published a new practical guide for site-based employees and contractors. The pocket-sized publication contains practical guidance on how to specify, order, receive, place, compact, finish and cure ready-mixed concrete on construction sites.

Guidance is also appended on sampling concrete for testing consistence and air content, and making specimens for strength for those contractors who carry out these activities on site. As construction sites can present potential hazards, the guide also includes easy-to-use information on health and safety, including how to prevent cement burns.

BRMCA director Chris Clear said: ‘Ready-mixed concrete is often taken for granted. For many contractors it is just a question of picking up the telephone and ordering whatever is listed in the project specification. However, concrete does need to be ordered correctly and placed, compacted, finished and cured properly to ensure the required performance in situ.

‘In addition, where site testing is specified it is necessary to follow standard procedures for sampling and testing fresh concrete as well as producing cube specimens for strength testing.’ 

Welcoming the guide, BRMCA chairman Steve Crompton said: ‘This essential guide covers all aspects of ready-mixed concrete operations on construction sites, from ordering, placing, compacting, finishing and curing, to testing and the all-important health and safety aspects.

‘It is a clear and concise document for all site-based employees and contractors, and also a useful teaching and learning aide. We will be distributing this energetically throughout the construction industry over the coming weeks and months.’

An electronic copy of the guide is attached below and hard copies are available upon request from: [email protected]

PDF icon BRMCA guide4.78 MB

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