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Eriez launch new ProGrade Auto Kwik Clean grate

Self-cleaning magnetic grate suitable for use in inaccessible areas extends ProGrade range

ERIEZ Magnetics Europe Ltd have introduced a new magnetic separator to their ProGrade range. The ProGrade Auto Kwik Clean (AKC) grate captures problematic ferrous metals and has the added advantage of automated cleaning, thereby preserving product purity while eliminating machinery downtime and saving costs.

The Eriez AKC grate utilizes Mega (10,500 gauss) rare earth magnetic strength and automatically discharges any collected iron thanks to its pneumatic and electronic components. This self-cleaning facility allows the grate to be used in inaccessible areas where magnetic grates previously would not have been considered.

When continuous operation is required, the AKC grate’s perpetual process ensures maximum protection for valuable machinery across a wide range of bulk handling and process industries, including minerals.

The AKC grate contains two banks of magnetic tubes, with the top bank containing seven tubes and the bottom bank containing six tubes. The magnetic component of the AKC grate is 356mm in width by 305mm in length and its typical capacity is nominally 50 tonnes/h, based on sand with a bulk density of 1.6 tonnes/cubic metre.

Eriez also offer a range of Xtreme rare earth grate magnets that can be applied in all processing industries. The ProGrade square, round and housed permanent magnetic grates are designed to remove ferrous contamination in hoppers, chutes, floor openings and other areas where free-flowing materials are present.

Paul Fears, managing director of Eriez Europe, commented: ‘Our strategy of offering ready-made solutions for tramp metal problems is proving to be a great success. Often customers do not have time to wait for equipment that may take six weeks to manufacture. The AKC grate is taking our ProGrade range a step further, being more extensive in design and technology.’


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