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EPC-UK welcomed as Corporate Member of IExpE

Institute of Explosives Engineers

Blasting specialist announces corporate membership of the Institute of Explosives Engineers

FURTHERING efforts to raise National Occupational Standards for the explosives industry, blasting specialists EPC-UK have become corporate members of the Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE) – an organization that encourages liaison and raises conduct levels across its multifaceted sector.

Committed to enhancing development through education, the IExpE supports members’ development through training and employment opportunities and offers access to a specialist forum that promotes consultation between individuals, professional private organizations, government departments and armed forces experts.

The Institute’s Training and Education Department has also become renowned for promoting and developing individual and organizational effectiveness, by sourcing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programmes that nurture world-class skills to satisfy present and future business needs.

Already members of the Institute of Quarrying, EPC-UK were keen to add to their portfolio of in-house knowledge and expertise, whilst taking opportunities to share industry knowledge and philosophies.

One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of explosives in the UK, the company is also a leading training specialist in the explosives field with a supporting business ethos that holds common ground with the IExpE.

As such, the company’s route to establishing IExpE corporate membership was considered a natural move, as EPC-UK’s managing director, Ben Williams, explained: ‘We have many shared values with the IExpE surrounding standards and education, and are delighted to have become one of its members.

‘We believe this effective institution transcends its knowledge of explosives – regardless of industry – to successfully work with sectors including defence, construction, fireworks and commercial. It’s an organization that has developed and grown; and now, we’re pleased to say, plans to accredit EPC-UK as an education establishment.’

EPC-UK will be introducing a suite of explosives courses and qualifications accredited by the IExpE over coming months. These programmes will continue to be run by EPC-UK and their team of experts, but the IExpE accreditation will add yet another level of credibility, with delegates receiving certifications carrying both the EPC-UK and IExpE emblems.

EPC-UK believe their actions will set a new industry standard for the explosives industry and will help to develop and maintain a skilled workforce, considered imperative to the continued success of the sector.

‘Together we will create ‘Educational Pathways’ that, once implemented, will increase skillsets within the commercial explosives market, through the application of education and training,’ continued Mr Williams,

‘The IExpE offers its members the opportunity to become professionally registered with the Engineering Council and these ‘pathways’ will enable both our employees and the wider industry community to take advantage of the associated benefits, such as life-long learning, internationally recognized qualifications, improved confidence and improved career prospects.’

Detailing the plan’s initial step, he said: ‘One of our first propositions will be to fulfil a scheme to encourage ex-military servicemen and servicewomen to join the commercial explosives industry – providing not only employment opportunities, but also the chance for EPC-UK to benefit from a new pool of talent.’

David Welch, President of IExpE, added: ‘The Institute of Explosives Engineers is delighted to welcome EPC-UK as a Corporate Member, alongside a growing number of their explosives workers as individual members.

‘I am particularly pleased to note their commitment to education, recognizing the industry-wide challenge of development and retention of competent and professional individuals. The growing level of investment and engagement by key industry players, such as EPC-UK, is crucial for the ongoing success and growth of the UK explosives sector on the global stage. I look forward to a long and positive relationship.’

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