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Dynapac launch new range of asphalt pavers

Dynapac SD2500WS paver

Dynapac have announced the launch of a new line of wheeled pavers with advanced features designed to appeal to owners, operators and service crews while providing environmental benefits. 

Offering working widths from 2m to 9m, the latest range includes: the F2500W, a conventional electric-controlled paver; and the SD2500W and SD2500WS, two PLC electric-controlled pavers that have been developed to meet the needs of contractors and rental companies around the world. All three models are powered by water-cooled Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engines. 

Dynapac have ensured the new F-Series and SD-Series machines deliver better operator comfort and operational availability. The SD2500W and SD2500WS pavers, for example, have a sliding operator platform, an integrated levelling system and a new hydraulic concept that combines precise handling with an intelligent traction system. 


The rear-wheel drive of the SD pavers is equipped with efficient variable-displacement pumps to deliver high torque and traction on every jobsite. Another innovation is the AddTraxxion concept for the front-wheel drive. Unlike in the past, the hydraulic front drive adapts itself to the current load, so that the paver always has optimum traction with a full or empty hopper. 

Not only has the hydraulic concept been reworked, but the entire undercarriage has also been redesigned for the F-Series and the SD-Series machines. The result is a well balanced wheelbase which, together with  new 445mm wide low-profile tyres, ensures smooth paving results.

The length of the paver is only 6,100mm, and the inner and outer turning radii (2.4m and 6.1m) make it easy to manouvre, allowing the operator to handle narrow work areas. 

One way to achieve high-quality paving is to optimize the ergonomics. Operators should have continuous visibility of the paving operation and also comfortable access to the controls. The new machines feature full visibility over all working areas (hopper, auger and screed) during operation.

The new control panel also gives operators all the information they need, with the gauges clearly displayed, eg rev/min, fuel, voltage, number of hours etc. On the SD-series, the operator has a 6.5in colour display and can change between different menus at the touch of a button.

Servicing of the pavers is made simple by an effective design concept, such as locating all pumps to one side. The fuel tank capacity has also been increased to 315 litres, maximizing the intervals for refilling.

The F2500W, SD2500W and SD2500WS models have all been designed with eco-friendliness in mind. An ‘eco mode’ on the engines, for example, produces less noise, especially at the operator platform. In addition, noise is reduced through the use of a hydraulically driven, temperature-controlled cooling fan, which only operates when needed. This separate cooling fan drive also helps reduce fuel consumption.

Other new Dynapac products recently launched include the company’s latest CA single-drum vibratory rollers. Offering better operator comfort, greater manoeuvrability and significantly reduced noise levels and fuel consumption, the CA5000, CA6000 and CA6500 models offer static linear loads of 50, 60 and 65kg/cm, respectively, and have been designed to help cut costs and raise productivity for customers worldwide.

The CA rollers are powered by a Deutz Stage IIIB engine that uses a mix of biodiesel and fossil diesel fuel. The ‘best point’ fuel- saving system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by ensuring the roller does not consume more power than is needed at any given time. This feature, together with higher compaction parameters and other improvements, has resulted in a significant reduction in fuel consumption compared with the previous generation. 

As an option, the CA6000D can be equipped with a sustainability package which includes: a rev/min management system; biodegradable fill-for-life hydraulic fluid; 50h service kit; electrical engine-block heaters; and LED working lights.

The ergonomically designed, air-conditioned cabs on the new-generation rollers offer a high level of operator comfort and good visibility over the work area and surroundings. A ‘spin-around’ seat and steering module offers movement of up to 180º without any stress to the neck or body. This arrangement, combined with the short machine length and turning radius, makes manoeuvring easy in the most difficult conditions.  

Safety features on the rollers include a tilt indicator and an electronic drive control with ‘quick brake’ function, which shortens braking distances if the lever is moved quickly. In addition, an easy-to-use toggling gear-shifting system and optional anti-spin aid helps reduce loss of traction in the most difficult work conditions. 

The vibratory rollers also feature automatic bouncing control, which prevents damage and prolongs the service life of the roller by eliminating drum double jumping or over-compacting, an action that can destroy machinery components. The CA6000D comes with a speed limiter to prevent compacting at very high speeds. 

A high level of serviceability has been maintained on the machines. A cross-mounted engine at the rear offers improved access for all service and maintenance needs, while the engine hood is easy to open for quick maintenance and the hydraulic pumps are in line with the engine and fully accessible for service. 

The cross-mounted engine gives both optimal weight distribution and ease of transportation as it minimizes machine length. Furthermore, the noise level is very low as the combustion air intake is placed at the top of the hood with the outlet down the sides together with the ejector exhaust outlet. This has the advantage of keeping the inlet air as clean as possible. 

The CA rollers are available in standard models with a long list of different specifications that can be selected plus an extensive choice of optional extras. Customers are invited to bespoke their own machines or choose from a number of packages. 


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