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Doosan introduce the new DX225SLR-5

Doosan DX225SLR-5 excavator

Company launches super-long-reach version of the Stage-IV-compliant DX225LC-5 crawler excavator 

DOOSAN Construction Equipment have launched a new super-long-reach version of the company’s Stage IV-compliant DX225LC-5 crawler excavator.

Featuring an 8.5m boom and 6.2m arm components, the new DX225SLR-5 excavator is an all-round machine suitable for jobs such as excavating lakes, cleaning settling tanks, drainage work, digging in sand and gravel pits, slope forming and other long-reach work.


To carry out these applications, the DX225SLR-5 has a maximum digging reach of 15.38m, a maximum digging depth of 11.65m and a maximum digging height of 13.08m.  The bucket digging force is 10.0 tonnes and the arm digging force is 6.0 tonnes.

With an operating weight of 24.4 tonnes, the DX225SLR-5 is powered by the well-proven 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06P water-cooled diesel engine, providing a power output of 124kW (166hp) at 1,800 rev/min.

The DX225SLR-5 offers convenience and lower costs by meeting Stage IV emission regulations through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) after-treatment technologies. With the DL06P engine, the DX225SLR-5 also ensures trouble-free performance as it operates without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

As well as the DL06P engine, which is one of the most reliable and fuel-efficient units ever produced by Doosan, new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced providing an overall 9% increase in fuel efficiency. Among these features is the new ‘Trip Meter Setting’ screen, which allows operators to check fuel consumption daily (or over a desired period) directly from the control panel, and to save even more fuel, there is a special Doosan-developed system, Smart Power Control (SPC), to optimize the balance between the pumps’ output and the diesel engine.

The Auto Shut-Off feature also saves on fuel. When this feature is enabled, the engine shuts down after it has been idling for a specified amount of time (3–60 minutes, configurable by the operator).

The DX225SLR-5 is factory-installed with the DoosanConnect state-of-the-art, wireless fleet- and asset-management system, which is designed to meet increasing demand for fleet monitoring, machine-to-machine communication, machine intelligence and remote equipment monitoring.

DoosanConnect offers a web-based fleet-management solution that is useful for monitoring the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance. It is available as a standard feature on all new-generation Doosan Stage IV compliant excavators (from 14 tonnes), all new-generation Doosan Stage IV compliant wheel loaders and the new-generation Doosan Stage IV compliant articulated dumptrucks.

The new service allows owners and dealers to remotely monitor and communicate with Doosan machines via the DoosanConnect telematics website. Also available for retro-fitting in a kit form, the DoosanConnect system is supplied with a free three-year subscription and the option to purchase a service extension.

The cab on the DX225SLR-5 is bigger than that in the previous DX225SLR-3 and has been further refined for operator comfort and ease of operation, including a system that allows attachments to be operated from either the joystick or a two-way pedal. The operator can select 10 pre-set configurations for attachments and hydraulic flow and pressure data can be pre-selected directly from the control panel, allowing a quick change of attachments without the need for a manual set-up.

The joysticks have also been shortened to reduce the effort required to operate them and an additional pedal for straight travel has been installed on the left of the main travel pedals. In addition, the operator console has been moved on to the seat suspension to reduce vibrations, giving the operator better control with the joystick in rough operations.

Like all Doosan ‘dash-5’ excavators above 20 tonnes, the DX225SLR-5 incorporates a thicker inside plate in the arms and booms, providing front reinforcement to relieve stress concentration. To further maximize durability and reduce noise, all ‘dash-5’ models are equipped with EM (Enhanced Macro-surface) bushings, which are said to be much more effective than regular bushings when greased.

Air pre-cleaners are fitted as standard on the DX225SLR-5, to ensure cleaner air is sent to the engine air filter. This extends air cleaner servicing intervals and enhances uptime and productivity. Doosan have also added protection to the inner cab air filter and redesigned the cab air-conditioning filters for easier replacement.

A Trimble-ready option is available for the DX225SLR-5, allowing quicker and easier installation of Trimble 2D or 3D grade control system components − with no welding, repainting, drilling or disassembly required.


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