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Conexpo-Con/Agg 2020: PHIL introduce Positive Seal Autogate Tailgate

PHIL Positive Seal Autogate Tailgate

Manufacturer’s latest innovation specially designed for off-highway trucks that require a 100% seal

AT this year’s Conexpo-Con/Agg, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. (PHIL), specialists in off-highway truck customization, will be showcasing a new version of their Autogate Tailgate specifically for off-highway trucks that require a 100% positive seal.

The latest design can be paired with PHIL’s proprietary fluidic seal material to provide a water-tight seal that contains liquid materials within an off-highway truck body or roll-off container when environmental regulations make even slight spillage undesirable.

The Positive Seal Autogate Tailgate has been designed for any size off-highway truck and, when paired with PHIL’s simple and robust outrigger, its traditional scissors-style mechanism is said to provide an industry-leading maximum opening clearance at full dump.

In the closed position, the new design locks into place and will not open under normal conditions without the body or container entering the ‘dump’ mode.

The Autogate Tailgate builds up the rearmost portion of the truck body to create a cohesive flange from which the tailgate compresses. Two hooks on either side of the base of the flange intercept a corresponding tag on the tailgate, allowing the tailgate to pivot inward as the sidearm and over-centre locking mechanism compressively locks the rear tailgate into place.

As with PHIL’s entire line of Autogate Tailgates, a three-year warranty is standard when installed with the company’s ‘installation supervision assistance’ scheme or at its Peoria facility, in Illinois, the US. 

Optional body seals, fluidic seals and cushion pads are available to further customize PHIL’s Autogate Tailgates for unique applications.

When capacity is a concern, PHIL’s Positive Seal Autogate Tailgate can be built up for sideboards. These are available in 1in increments from 6in to 40in in height and provide a unified body height whilst increasing the volumetric capacity of the truck body, helping operators achieve optimal loads.

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