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Concrete: Innovation and Practical Applications

Details of this year’s technical symposium at the Institute of Concrete Technology’s 43rd Annual Convention

THIS year’s technical symposium at the Institute of Concrete Technology’s annual convention will provide an opportunity to hear how innovatory developments in the fields of aggregates, cements, admixtures, fibres, polymers and sprayed concrete – as used in the construction of Crossrail – are being applied in construction practice.

Speakers will include: Dr Paula Carey (managing director of Carbon8) on the world’s first commercially available carbon-negative aggregate; Jeurg Schlumf (head of global technology with Sika) on developments in PCE superplasticisers and their applications; Martyn Fear (Specialist Precast Products) on using waste to create a new material; and Dr Wayne Thomas (managing director of Co-tropic Ltd) on dispersible reinforcement.


After lunch Dr Francois Saucier (Kerneos, France) will address the use of calcium aluminate cements in biogenic environments; Dr Ye Guang (Delft University, Netherlands) will talk about superabsorbent polymers; and Richard Foord (BASF) will conclude with a review of sprayed-concrete applications on Crossrail.

The Sir Frederick Lea Memorial Lecture this year will be presented by author and photographer Chris Stanley, with his ‘visual journey’ through Concrete Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The full-day event will take place at the Imago Conference Centre, Loughborough University, on Thursday 26 March, with the support of specialist construction chemicals suppliers Sika.

The symposium will form the centrepiece of the ICT’s 43rd Annual Convention, with its associated AGM and gala dinner, and is open to members and non-members alike.

A programme of events and registration forms can be downloaded from:


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