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CEMEX present Vertua admixtures range

CEMEX Admixtures R&D

Next-generation admixtures featuring advanced new technology for sustainable urbanization

CEMEX have launched their next-generation Vertua admixtures range, which features advanced new technology and forms an integral element of CEMEX´s broader Future in Action strategy that aims to provide a comprehensive portfolio of low-carbon and efficient solutions that can help meet environmental goals and lead the way for responsible construction.

According to CEMEX, use of their Vertua admixtures can significantly enhance the sustainable performance of several applications. For example:

  • ISOMILL 4000 Series grinding aids and cement enhancers provide significant carbon reduction, higher process efficiency and enhanced strength.
  • ISOFLOW 6000 Series high-performance superplasticiser technology for ready-mixed concrete producers allows water and carbon reduction of up to 50% in concrete mix designs.
  • ISOCAST 9000 Series high-performance superplasticiser technology allows more cost-efficient concrete precast production process by avoiding vibration and accelerating strength development as well as enhancing quality through a perfect surface finishing.
  • ISOXEL technology range of special accelerators which can boost strengths when using carbon-reduced cement types.
  • ISOFINES 5000 Series environmentally friendly products capable of absorbing the high amounts of water that can accompany any excavated soil, mud, spoil and sludge.


CEMEX say admixtures solutions are a fundamental enabler of key innovations that will accelerate the construction industry’s journey towards ensuring sustainable urbanization – by reducing carbon footprint, improving the efficiency of production processes, optimizing the use of resources (energy, water, raw materials), maximizing recycling potential and enhancing the performance of materials that will foster new construction methods and lead to smart cities.

The wide array of admixtures solutions is driven by CEMEX Admixtures’ main R&D centre in Switzerland and supported locally in each market with high-tech production facilities, specialized laboratories, and highly qualified technical experts to adapt to each specific customer need. Over 200 new solutions have been developed during the last five years alone, representing more than 35% of CEMEX Admixtures sales.

Marcelo Catalá, CEMEX’s vice-president of urbanization solutions for the EMEA region, commented: ‘CEMEX’s Vertua range of next-generation admixtures, together with our broader array of low-carbon, resource-efficient urbanization solutions, will contribute considerably to building…a better and more sustainable future for the cities in which we live.’

Davide Zampini, CEMEX’s global head of R&D, added: ‘CEMEX Admixtures are perfectly positioned, leveraging R&D excellence and global scale to play a relevant role in supporting and enhancing the responsible operation of the construction industry.’


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