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Cement-free Greenbloc awarded EDP


Greenbloc becomes first cement-free concrete block to achieve Environmental Product Declaration

THE carbon-saving potential of the world’s first cement-free alternative to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) blocks, Greenbloc, has been ratified following the award of an Environmental Product Declaration.

The certification, which is the first of its kind for a mainstream blockwork product, was announced as the attention of COP26 turns to construction and the built environment and comes just eight months after Greenbloc’s official launch.


The EPD is classed as a type III environmental declaration with ISO 14025 and provides transparent and credible information about the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle – from material extraction, through to manufacturing, usage, and end of life.

Greenbloc was developed as an ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional cement-based concrete blocks and is designed to help reduce the construction industry’s dependency upon cement – the world’s third highest source of man-made CO2 – as a key ingredient in concrete manufacturing.

Manufactured to BS EN 771 – 3: (2011) from class 1 aggregates and Cemfree – a totally cement-free alternative to conventional concrete – Greenbloc also complies with Part E of the Building Regulations for Walls and Floor.

With no compromise on strength compared with OPC blocks, it is suitable for all applications, including foundations, load-bearing walls, internal leaves of cavity walls and partition walls.

Michael Roddy, managing director of SigmaRoc PPG, which manufactures Greenbloc, said: ‘With COP26 highlighting the significant impact that the construction industry is having on our planet – 38% of total global carbon emissions – it goes without saying that more can and needs to be done. Up until now, low-carbon alternatives that can match the performance capabilities of traditional building materials simply have not existed

‘However, with the launch of Greenbloc, we believe we can now offer architects, contractors, and housebuilders a competitive, reliable, and – thanks to our EPD certification – proven low-carbon alternative to OPC blocks.

‘Making the switch from traditional blocks to Greenbloc can reduce the embodied carbon of a typical three-bed house by 73%, saving the equivalent of 2.7 tonnes of CO2 per dwelling. It is also worth noting that we have obtained additional third-party test results against the declaration of performance certificate.’

He concluded: ‘The world is changing for the better, and technology is facilitating greater accessibility to materials that can bring about meaningful change for the construction industry. The reception for Greenbloc has already exceeded all expectations, and we are incredibly excited about the potential it has to offer.’


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