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CDE recycling plant helps business win top environmental award

Heinrich Feess receive environmental award

Heinrich Feess GmbH receive Europe’s most coveted Deutscher Umweltpreis accolade

RECYCLING contractors Heinrich Feess have been recognized at the German Federal Environmental Foundation’s annual Building Material Recycling Day by winning the coveted Deutscher Umweltpreis environmental award. 

A model to the industry for his dedication to applying modern methods to the treatment and recycling of waste, managing director Walter Feess was invited to receive the award on the company’s behalf.

Heinrich Feess recycle concrete, asphalt and construction/demolition waste in the region of Baden-Württemberg. In collaboration with Northern Ireland-based CDE, the recycling operator has developed an innovative processing plant at its Kirchheim recycling facility, in Stuttgart, under the CANDY Project (supported by the EU Eco-Innovation Programme).

Before the CDE processing plant was installed at the Kirchhiem site, around 10% of the overall demolition waste collected on site could not be recycled as it was a mixture of demolition and excavation waste (from building foundations). 

With the CANDY project up and running, waste material is being processed successfully resulting in reduced waste from demolition contracts and increased volumes of recycled sand and aggregates for reuse.

Other environmental benefits of the CDE plant, which has a production output of up to 80 tonnes/h, include: optimum water recycling for recirculation to the washing plant (early results show a minimum of 91% is achievable); and maximum material recovery from building waste, which leads to reduced transportation and disposal requirements as a result of minimal waste. 

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