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Caterpillar launch the electric drive 988K XE

Cat 988K XE

New electric drive wheel loader offers higher fuel efficiency and lower total cost of ownership

FEATURING switched reluctance (SR) technology and leveraging more than 15 years of Cat electric drive experience and more than four years of stringent testing in a range of applications, the new 988K XE is the first Caterpillar wheel loader to feature a high-efficiency electric drive system.

Offering increased truck loading and load-and-carry efficiency, the Cat 988K XE is said to increase efficiency by 25% overall, and by up to 49% in face-loading applications, compared with the standard 988K model, thereby helping to reduce costs, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.


At the same time, Caterpillar production studies report that the new loader delivers up to 10% higher productivity in load-and-carry applications.

The 988K XE offers a range of bucket capacities from 4.7–13.0 cubic metres. Rated standard and high-lift payload for the loader reaches 11.3 tonnes when working with face material and 14.5 tonnes with loose material.

The machine is performance matched to offer three-pass loading of the 38.6-tonne Cat 770G rigid dumptruck and four-pass loading of the 46.3-tonne Cat 772, whilst its high-lift configuration delivers five-pass loading of the 55.3-tonne Cat 773G and six-pass loading of the 64-tonne Cat 775G.

The field-proven C18 ACERT engine, mechanical dropbox, driveline and axles found in the diesel-powered Cat 988K model remain in the new electric drive version for consistent, trouble-free operation.

According to Caterpillar, the electric drive technology found in the new 988K XE helps to reduce overall maintenance costs and increases engine life expectancy. Offering extended oil change intervals of 2,000 hours, the electric drive wheel loader also uses 40% less powertrain oil.

Moreover, Caterpillar say the durable SR drive motor, generator and inverter are built to last through the second engine life with minimum maintenance. Additionally, the efficient electric drive design increases engine life by up to 3,500 hours, extending the time between powertrain rebuilds.

And whilst the cab of the new Cat 988K XE will provide operators with the familiar functions and feel of the 988K, they will also experience improved handling smoothness and ease of operation. The new loader offers a single speed range for efficient operation without the need for gear shifting, whilst new virtual gears help to control machine ground speed and deliver smooth direction shifts.

In addition to the standard Cat Product Link and onboard Vital Information Management System (VIMS), the Cat 988K XE loader is equipped with a host of other technology solutions to increase operating efficiency and machine uptime, such as Cat Production Measurement (CPM), which brings payload weighing to the cab so operators can work more productively and deliver accurate loads with confidence.


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