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Caterpillar launch next-generation excavator attachments

New generation Cat pulverizer in operation

Latest pulverizers offer faster cycle times and high-performance concrete demolition

CATERPILLAR have launched a new generation of primary and secondary pulverizer attachments for use on excavators from 18 tonnes to 50 tonnes.

The new Cat pulverizer line includes three rotatable primary models – the P318, P324 and P332 – which feature 360-degree rotation, and three fixed secondary models – the P218, P224 and P232.


The new pulverizer design is built around the same reliable industry-leading SpeedBooster technology found in Cat multi-processors – quickly closing the jaw when there is no load.

When the jaw comes into contact with material, the SpeedBooster hydraulic valve automatically switches to power mode for maximum power which, in turn, rapidly shatters concrete.

Delivering safe, efficient and quick demolition of concrete structures, the Cat primary pulverizers are said to balance speed and power by offering up to 52% faster cycle times and 21% higher force than previous models.

Bidirectional 360-degree rotation on the P300 series models positions the jaw to grab the concrete from any angle and subsequently sizes the material for further processing. Integral rebar knives quickly shear through pipes, rebar and other embedded materials to improve demolition efficiency.

According to Caterpillar, the secondary pulverizers deliver up to 44% faster cycle times and up to 20% better force in concrete demolition, resulting in up to a 15% enhanced performance in secondary material processing applications.

Wide jaw openings on the secondary units allow operators to grab more material from any angle, increasing processing speed and improving overall material throughput.

Delivering the production, reliability, durability and value as expected from Cat products, both new pulverizer series feature bolt-on wear components that can be quickly replaced in the field with no hard-face welding required for maintenance, optimizing machinery uptime.

Increasing reliability and longevity, all Cat attachment hydraulic components are protected inside a housing with a bolt-on removable panel that provides complete access for servicing.

Also integrated into the new pulverizers is Cat asset tracking, used for actions such as quick attachment location and security through the company’s VisionLink technology and Product Link remote monitoring solution for fleet management.


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