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Caterpillar introduce the 6015B hydraulic shovel

Cat 6015B loading a Cat 775G

New machine builds on the success of its predecessor to move more material at lower costs

BUILDING on the robust and productive Caterpillar 5110B model, the new Cat 6015B hydraulic shovel is said to deliver a productivity advantage over other 100-tonne shovels thanks to the most powerful engine in its class and a large standard bucket with payload capacity of 14.6 tonnes.

Caterpillar say the new design translates into fast cycles and a pass match advantage over leading standard-equipped shovels in its class when loading 55-, 65- and 90-tonne capacity dumptrucks.


The 6015B, which is currently available only in a backhoe configuration, is equipped with a single Cat C27 ACERT engine that provides 606kW of rated power. The large 8.1-cubic meter standard bucket, fitted with Cat C70 hammerless ground-engaging tools, further boosts production capability. With the standard bucket, the 6015B is optimized to fill a Cat 773 truck in four passes, a 775 in five passes, and a 777 in seven passes.

Caterpillar’s proprietary integrated engine control technologies, a boom float feature that regenerates boom oil for reduced engine demand, an oil-cooling system that is independent of engine cooling, and regeneration of swing energy via its closed-loop swing system, all increase the fuel efficiency of the 6015B.

The 6015B also features a newly designed hydraulic filtration system, whereby a separate kidney loop provides continuous filtration and optimum oil cleanliness at all times.

Built upon the robust 5110B platform, the entire machine benefits from extensive use of proven Cat components, such as the engine, undercarriage and cab. The 6015B front is sturdy and strong, yet light enough to promote fast cycle times, while the boom and stick utilize high-strength steel and rugged castings that are joined and thermally stress-relieved for optimum structural life and resistance to impact and wear in difficult digging conditions. Box-section design provides superior rigidity and strength, and heavy-duty castings are used in high-load areas to add exceptional strength and durability.

Providing superior stability, extending component life, and ultimately improving machine uptime, the 6015B swing system includes a special cross-roller bearing with sealed internal gearing, connected to an automatic lubrication system.

The machine features well-engineered access and egress with walkways for safe movement around the machine and an optional 45° powered access stairway. Wire and hose guarding facilitate safe maintenance, whilst numerous optimally positioned lights, mirrors and E-stop buttons further improve safety.

Large windows in the operator’s cab provide excellent all-around visibility of the work environment. This, combined with multiple strategically positioned high-powered lights and a heavy-duty wiper, ensures good visibility is maintained in both dark and inclement weather conditions.

The cab itself is pressurized to keep dust out, and the climate control system is fully automatic, allowing for consistent in-cab temperature and operator comfort in any weather conditions. The electro-hydraulic controls, which provide sure, precise manoeuvring, are ergonomic in design with adjustable joystick console height, independent of the seat, to suit operator preference.

The 6015B also incorporates advanced Cat technology solutions such as MineStar, VIMS and Product Link for improved productivity, maintenance and equipment management.


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