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Caterpillar introduce new mining shovel bucket

Cat mining shovel bucket

Latest bucket attachment designed to reduce downtime and optimize capacity

CATERPILLAR have unveiled a hydraulic two-piece mining shovel bucket with a replaceable basket. The machinery attachment has been designed to reduce downtime by limiting refurbishment to the area of the bucket subjected to most of the wear—the basket.

According to Cat, the replaceable basket allows faster, easier and safer rebuilds, compared with traditional buckets. In addition, the basket design is said to reduce downtime even further and optimize capacity during the service life of the bucket.

The durable upper structure of a bucket has been designed to facilitate several baskets, improving the performance and service life of the attachment. Also, the two-piece bucket is lighter than conventional buckets yet still provides high-wear resistance.

The basket is a single-piece of structural steel with no liner/wear plates, while the floor and side-plate thickness have been optimized for bucket size and anticipated wear rate. The basket is retrofittable on to legacy buckets used in compatible digging conditions.

The new Cat two-piece mining shovel bucket is also easier and safer to service than other attachments on the market. Replacing the basket requires less gouging, welding and grinding than buckets protected with wear plates.

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