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Cat expand mini-excavator range

Caterpillar have introduced seven new C-series mini hydraulic excavators — the 301.6C, 301.8C and 302.5C models and the 303C CR, 303.5C CR, 304C CR and 305C CR compact-radius models.

A range of improvements and enhancements have been added to the 301.6C, 301.8C and 302.5C models including a 10% increase in stick digging force and up to 22% more bucket digging force. These machines also feature an increase in hydraulic flow and pressure and an engine power increase of around 4%. These improvements allow faster cycle times and improved productivity while meeting EU Stage II emissions standards. A new, variable-displacement hydraulic pump eliminates stalling and allows the excavators to dig through the toughest conditions.

The new machines feature 5mm high-strength side panels, a polyurethane paint finish and a large, single-piece, swing-out rear door for service access. The rear corner protectors are made from a single casting and are designed to guard against impacts. The 302.5C has a lifting side panel to provide access to the hydraulic tanks and main implement valve.

The independent swing boom allows the machine to work in confined spaces and a 200° bucket rotation ensures good material retention at height as well as flat trenching capability.

The cab is spacious with all-round visibility and good air circulation. For ventilation, a retractable front window can be stowed in the roof space with a gas strut-assisted linkage. Factory-fitted air-conditioning is available on the 302.5C. A suspension seat, console-mounted implement controls, low-effort pilot-control joysticks and adjustable wrist supports also help to provide a comfortable environment for the operator.

The 303C CR, 303.5C CR, 304C CR and 305C CR replace the existing 303 CR, 304 CR and 305 CR machines. The 303.5C CR is a new model introduced to meet the growing demand for a 3–4-ton machine.

These new compact-radius mini hydraulic excavators offer more productivity than the smaller models while retaining the versatility of the swing-boom design. Stick digging forces have been improved by up to 5% and bucket digging forces by up to 22%. The linkage geometry provides improved digging depth, reach and dump in both standard and long-stick configurations. Automatically engaged two-speed travel provides 4.5km/h at high speed and 2.6km/h at low speed.  

The stability of the C-series models has been increased without additional counterweight making the new models as or more stable than previous models.

The compact-radius models are available with either a cab or canopy. The cab version is fitted with a heater, circulation fan, air filter and optional air-conditioning. As well as the retractable front window, the lower section of the front glass can also be removed and stored behind the operator. The right-hand window slides for additional air flow through the cab.

On all seven models, the 500h oil and filter change interval helps keep operating costs down. The compact-radius machines are equipped with an auto-idle function that reduces engine revolutions when controls are not operated for a few seconds.

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