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Case launch new hydraulic crawler excavators

Case have launched two new crawler excavators - the 13-ton CX130 and the 21-ton CX210. The machines are the first in a new generation of Case products and replace the 9013 and 9021 machines of the same tonnage.

Both machines use new Isuzu turbo engines, a four-cylinder 69.1kW (96bhp) unit on the CX130 and a six-cylinder 105kW (143bhp) unit on the CX210. Both engines meet the Tier II European low-emission regulations that come into force in 2003. Pollutant gas emission reduction is achieved by more efficient fuel use, thereby reducing fuel consumption. These results are obtained by use of a new electronic power-management system called Ecopower. This continuously analyses the circuit's demand for hydraulic power via transducers and directly controls injection pump settings on the engine via electronic calculators.

Operators of the new machines can choose four operating modes on the control panel to match the job they are undertaking.


In the H (heavy) mode the machines use all (100%) available power and the auto-powerboost function boosts dipper and bucket power by about 10% for 8s. In S (standard) mode the machines use 90% of the performance and, if needed, the auto-power-boost function. In the L (light) mode the flow rate is reduced to allow high-precision work like sloping or shaping. In Auto mode, Ecopower uses all available power by shifting instantaneously from one mode to another, depending on the effort required for the type of work being done.

The CX130 and CX210 machines also feature Case's new livery specifically designed for their construction equipment. They say the graphics accentuate the visual impact of the new machines, with streamlined stripes and reflective markings. The Case logo is now in reflective white - a first for a construction equipment manufacturer.



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