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Case introduce Grader range

Case grader

Case Construction Equipment introduced the brand new C-Series grader at Intermat 2015. The new range is the culmination of more than 30 years of development of the design introduced and improved by Frisch, Faun, then by O&K, and now by Case. The C-Series range offers two models with operating weights of 13 and 16 tonnes. It is available in 6x4 and 6x6 all-wheel-drive versions, designed to match customers’ key requirements of low operating costs, controllability and flexibility.

The new Case graders feature the patented Hi-eSCR technology developed by FPT Industrial – the only solution on the market that meets Tier 4 Final standards with Selective Catalytic Reduction only. This after-treatment system provides multiple benefits in terms of performance, reliability and economy.

With Hi-eSCR there is no exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), so that the engine runs on clean air only and combustion efficiency is optimized. This translates into higher engine power and torque density, while fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The absence of EGR also means that no diesel particulate filter is needed to achieve the low levels of particulate matter required by Tier 4 Final standards, resulting in lower maintenance costs. A further advantage is that the cooling requirement is lower, so that Case graders mount smaller radiators with lower power absorption.


Case say that the C-Series graders’ design, with Hi-eSCR, has far lower complexity than other machines, so that it stands out for its reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. The after-treatment system is also smaller than other types of solutions, so that it takes less space on the machine leaving much better visibility to the rear as well as allowing for easier access for maintenance.

The new graders provide operators with a comfortable ride, controllability and a good feel for the precision of the controls. The Ergopower transmission with torque converter and automatic mode ensures smooth shifting and matches the speed and power to the application for controllability and smooth operation.

The 13-tonne model is available with 24in tyres independently of the choice of transmission. The bigger tyres reduce the bumping effect on uneven terrain and in applications such as forestry and road maintenance, adding to the operator’s comfort. The load sensing hydraulic system’s pressure compensation allows simultaneous movement, which is key to the grader’s controllability. The control levers are directly connected to the main valve and the lever stroke required to activate the functions is shorter: as a result, the operator enjoys a faster blade reaction that gives a better feel for the blade’s action, and the controllability of the mold board controllability is maintained for the whole duration of the grader’s life.

The encapsulated roller-mounted slewing ring, which further adds to the grader’s controllability, does not require regular greasing and setting, while the layout of the hydraulic system’s components provides accessibility to the main components for servicing.

To guarantee reliability for the exuberant drawbar pull, the mold-board frame is designed with ‘A-shape’ technology that allows it to always compensate the traction effort, drastically reducing the twisting effect when the grader is working with the blade off-set. The design of the multi-radius blade dramatically cuts the demand for pushing power, increasing the material mixing capacity on fine grading jobs.

The ‘No-Spin’ technology of the 100% differential lock ensures that the power is automatically transferred between the two sides of the tandem whenever there is a loss of traction, resulting in best-in-class drawbar pull in all soil conditions. The C Series’ traction is also due to the positioning of the cab at the rear of the machine and on top of the tandem. This set up has the added benefit of greater comfort for the operator, who is always facing the working direction.

The two all-wheel-drive models feature a standard creep mode with fully integrated electronic control that gives the machine great controllability when carrying out precision work and in applications such as compaction that require high engine rev/min at low speed. In creep mode the engine speed can be unconnected to linear speed so the required oil flow can be supplied independently.

The C-Series graders can be ordered factory-ready for all the most common blade control brands. This offers maximum flexibility to customers, as the open architecture allows for plug and play installation: customers just need to install their screen and preferred blade control system, and if they already own one, they can easily move it to the grader.


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