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Carbon8 Aggregates rebrand as O.C.O Technology

Steve Greig

Name change better reflects core knowledge and expertise, and wider future global opportunities

CARBON-negative aggregate specialists Carbon8 Aggregates have changed their name to O.C.O Technology Ltd with immediate effect. The new name is derived from the chemical symbols for carbon and oxygen which make up carbon dioxide (CO2).

The move also means the company’s award-winning aggregate, previously known as C8Agg, has been renamed M-LS (short for Manufactured LimeStone). M-LS, which has a multitude of uses in the construction industry, is created using O.C.O Technology’s Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) process.

ACT uses waste carbon dioxide gas to treat a wide range of thermal wastes and, as more carbon dioxide (CO2) is permanently captured than is generated during manufacture, the end result is production of the world’s first truly carbon-negative aggregate.

O.C.O Technology are one of only a few companies in the UK to hold the Environment Agency’s ‘End of Waste’ agreement, classifying the finished aggregate as a ‘product’. Wide-ranging applications for the aggregate include blocks, precast and ready-mixed concrete, screeds, pipe bedding and various other ‘road’ applications.


The company currently produces more than 350,000 tonnes of carbon-negative aggregate each year from its operations at Brandon in Suffolk, Avonmouth (Bristol) and Leeds.

Steve Greig, managing director, says the O.C.O Technology name is designed to more accurately reflect the company’s core knowledge and expertise, and the wider opportunities that are presenting themselves on the world stage.

He said: ‘While our old name has stood us in good stead, as our aggregates product range develops and our specialist knowledge takes us into new and exciting areas, both within the UK and overseas, we needed a new identity and a brand that encompasses the full scope of our expertise.

‘As innovators and leaders in this sector, we believe the successes achieved so far are only a fraction of the future opportunities available. At a time when the world is demanding new products and new technologies to increase sustainability and minimize impact on our precious environment, the O.C.O Technology name provides the perfect springboard for us to build and expand, while also delivering the best possible solutions for all our customers.’

From their network of facilities in the UK, O.C.O Technology now boast a £15 million turnover and employ more than 90 staff. The company currently recycles around 25% of the UK’s energy-from-waste APC arisings and has attracted significant interest in its technology from around the world. The business signed its first international deal earlier this year.


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