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Carbon Reduction Labels for CEMEX cement

CEMEX UK have become the first cement company in the world to provide certified carbon labels for their cement. The Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label will show that CEMEX cements generate between 17–24kg of CO2 per 25kg bag, depending on the product composition.

The carbon footprint is certified to the PAS2050 international standard that allows companies to measure the carbon footprint of their products and services.

The carbon labelling comes on the back of the recent announcement that CEMEX UK’s cement division has also been certified to the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products, BES6001, with a score of ‘Very Good’.

CEMEX are among the first in the industry to meet the standard, which covers all three of the company’s UK cement plants at Rugby, South Ferriby and Tilbury, as part of their efforts to meet the requirements of the Government’s Strategy for Sustainable Construction.

This certification means that all cement supplied by CEMEX UK is responsibly sourced to an independently verified standard that addresses the social, economic and environmental impacts across the entire supply chain.

‘The carbon labelling demonstrates the progress and commitment we have made in reducing the carbon associated with our manufacturing process, particularly around the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative waste fuels, and the blending of our cements with by-products from other industries to minimize raw materials use,’ explained CEMEX UK director of sustainability Andy Spencer.

‘This, combined with the responsible sourcing certification, and our recent innovative solutions, such as electronic point of delivery to save paper and a pallet retrieval scheme to save wood waste, means that our customers now have the power to make informed green choices.’

Euan Murray, head of carbon footprinting at the Carbon Trust, added: ‘The Carbon Reduction Label is designed to help customers quickly identify the brands that have measured their footprint and are committed to carbon reduction. We hope more companies will follow the example of CEMEX and adopt the Carbon Reduction Label.’

The carbon labelled cements are being introduced to customers during April and May, and as part of the label conditions CEMEX are committed to further reducing carbon over the next two years. The company will also be extending the responsible sourcing certification to cover its entire business over the coming months.


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