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Capital Concrete expand low-carbon screed network

Thin layer of Cemfloor placed over an underfloor heating system Thin layer of Cemfloor placed over an underfloor heating system

New facilities mean company can now supply lower-carbon flowing screeds in north and central London

FROM their new and recently opened Cricklewood plant, Capital Concrete have been supplying Cemfloor – a high-performance, free-flowing and self-compacting liquid screed that offers lower embodied carbon. Meanwhile, a few miles down the road at its Wembley plant, the company has recently installed new facilities to produce Gypsol flowing screed – a gypsum-based, lower-carbon liquid screed.

Luke Smith, managing director of Capital Concrete, explained: ‘It is essential that we anticipate and respond to the evolving demands of our customers, which is why we are expanding our flowing screed network in London and offering low-carbon alternatives to traditional products.’


Cemfloor can be used in various settings and, due to its ability to be installed at thinner depths, has a lower carbon content compared with traditional screeds, as less material is used, whilst gypsum-based Gypsol flowing screed offers a reduction in embodied carbon of up to 85% compared with traditional screeds.

Both materials can be used in domestic and commercial applications and have been supplied to projects such as Admiralty Arch, where Gypsol has been used for flooring in the landmark building, and in Deanston Wharf, where more than 4,000m3 of Cemfloor have been supplied for use in the construction of an apartment building.

Nicholas Aitken, screed and specifications manager at Capital Concrete, said: ‘Our new facilities mean we can now supply flowing screeds in north and central London. These products have been very well received by customers who are keen to reduce the carbon content of their projects.’


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