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British Precast to merge with MPA

Nigel Jackson

Combined association set to strengthen UK concrete industry representation in drive towards net zero

THE UK’s concrete producers will be represented for the first time in one trade association, to help accelerate the industry’s journey towards beyond net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. British Precast, the trade body of the country’s precast concrete producers, will merge with the Mineral Products Association (MPA) from 1 January 2022.

The combined association will encompass the production of ready-mixed concrete and the manufacture of precast concrete products, from building blocks and paving slabs to structural flooring, drainage systems, railway sleepers and other essential construction components.


The merger will permit a more integrated approach as the UK concrete and cement industry implements its ambitious ‘Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero’ responding to the urgent challenges of climate change and the need for more sustainable construction.

Alan Smith, president of British Precast, commented: ‘I am delighted that our members have supported this merger, which could only have happened after many years of successful affiliation with MPA.

‘Now the industry is not just able to think more strategically, but can deliver real change as we address a myriad of issues, not least of which is responding to climate change. Precast concrete products are an essential part of that response and this merger will help to amplify that message.’

Nigel Jackson (pictured), chief executive of the MPA, said: ‘We are thrilled that British Precast members have supported this merger after many years of effective affiliation. Now more than ever the cement and concrete industry must work hand-in-glove to promote the essential role concrete plays in our economy and our quality of life.

‘Mitigating the industry’s environmental impacts whilst supplying solutions that help people to adapt to climate change is an important balance to be struck. With the entire sector now able to pull together in the same direction we will be better able to achieve this aim.

‘This is a landmark moment in the evolution of the UK concrete industry which is already a global leader in terms of decarbonization, recycling and biodiversity enhancement. Building on last year’s launch of the MPA’s UK Concrete, the merger with British Precast combines all the industry’s key activities into one group to ensure a strategic and integrated approach to the development of our industry.’


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