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BKT tyres for wheel loaders

Wheel loader tyres

Off-highway tyre manufacturer develop high-performance and durable tyres for wheel loaders

Based in Seregno, Italy, BKT, one of the world’s leading off-highway tyre manufacturers, have conceived and developed several tyre ranges for wheel loaders, each designed to satisfy the complex and varied needs of companies operating in this sector. The high-performance and durable tyres are said to offer optimum traction and handling, stability and resistance, driver comfort and a longer product life to increase both productivity and operating hours.

First in the new BKT product line-up is the BK-Loader 53, an aramid-belted tyre designed for loaders in industrial applications. It is said to excel in recycling operations, thanks to its special tread pattern, which ensures outstanding lateral stability, whilst its extra depth confers exceptional resistance against wear, cuts and punctures. The BK-Loader 53, which also offers superior self-cleaning properties in addition to excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces, is available in size 405/70 R 20.

Excellent traction, handling and stability are key features of the Earthmax SR 31, a multi-ply steel-belted radial tyre that is suitable for even the toughest operating conditions and copes extremely well and with great agility on muddy terrain. In addition to high levels of driving comfort, this tyre offers longer product life thanks to its special cut-and-heat-resistant tread compound. It is available in sizes 23.5 R 25, 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25. 

For applications in the construction sector, the top product is Earthmax SR 25, an all-steel radial tyre. Thanks to its special non-directional tread design, it offers superior grip, excellent self-cleaning properties as well as off-road stability on the toughest terrains. This tyre is available in size 14.00 R 24.

For loading operations on particularly difficult terrains, BKT offer the Rock Grip L4. In order to operate under such challenging conditions, tyres must provide extreme resistance against cuts, punctures and heat. The Rock Grip L4, which is available in size 14.00 – 25, fully satisfies these requirements thanks to its special high-performance L4 tread compound.  

For loaders operating in heavy loading applications, BKT offer the XL Grip. It has been specifically conceived in order to minimize the risk of cuts and punctures. This wide-base cross-ply tyre’s strengths are said to include exceptional traction along with extraordinary product durability. The XL GRIP is available in no less than seven sizes: 16.0/70 – 20;
15.5 – 25; 17.5 – 25; 20.5 – 25; 23.5 – 25; 26.5 – 25; and 29.5 – 25. 

A special compound that offers extraordinary cut resistance is the distinguishing feature of the new Loader Grip, a cross-ply tyre that is designed for loading and levelling operations in both industrial and OTR applications. Currently, Loader Grip is available in six sizes:
14.00 – 25; 17.5 – 25; 20.5 – 25; 23.5 – 25; 26.5 – 25; and 29.5 – 25. 

Last but not least is EM 937 tyre, which is particularly suitable for excavating and loading operations. Its distinctive features include extraordinary durability as well as cut and chip resistance, along with comfortable handling and high load capacity. It is available in sizes 14.00-24 and 14.00-25. For more information visit:

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