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Bauma: Bell Equipment present new E-Series ADT developments

Bell B50E dumptruck

These will include conversion to new emission regulations, model specific improvements and commitment to proactive customer support

BELL Equipment will be using bauma 2019 as a platform to display both new and proven models of their E-series articulated dumptruck (ADT) range.

In addition to the worldwide premiere of its latest ‘crossover’ model, the Bell B45E 4x4, the company will be promoting its 6x6 range which comprises of seven ADT models (with payloads from 18.0-45.4 tonnes), including the B20E LGP (low-ground pressure) – a new addition to many market regions – and the proven B50E.


The Bell B20E LGP machine is based on the small B20E truck, which has been successful in the African markets for more than three decades. With a payload of 18 tonnes, the company’s 6x4 trucks are used in medium-sized earthmoving and civil engineering projects.

The base machine has been tweaked for worldwide distribution for use in extremely muddy or soft, sandy underfoot conditions. The B20E LGP has three driven axles and extra wide 800/45 R30.5 tyres (with 20.5R25 available as an option). The truck is powered by a Mercedes-Benz/MTU in-line four-cylinder engine which has been boosted to 170kW, while an Allison six-speed automatic transmission provides an integrated retarder, and front and centre axles feature encapsulated wet brakes.

Since its launch in 2002, the Bell say their B50E remains the only 6x6 50-tonne ADT in the market. ‘The introduction of our own and other 60-tonne articulated dumptrucks definitely raised awareness of larger ADTs and the result is increased customer interest in the B50E,’ commented Tristan du Pisanie, ADT marketing manager for Bell Equipment. 

‘With its superior power-to-weight ratio and the lowest ground pressure available in the 50 and 60 tonne class, it remains the ultimate solution for high production and economical earthmoving on rough terrain.’

This applies to both heavy earthmoving in large infrastructure projects, as well as mining and quarrying in extreme weather conditions or difficult underfoot conditions.

‘Crucial in earthmoving is choosing the right equipment for the job to ensure availability of all machines and their productivity, even under widely varying conditions,’ continued Mr du Pisanie. ‘As early as the project evaluation phase, many customers recognize that the B50E can be smoothly integrated into existing hauling schemes in terms of volume, payload and necessary track maintenance. In direct cost-per-tonne analysis, the higher payload gives it an immediate advantage over 40-tonne ADTs. 

‘This is combined with low fuel consumption, a traditional strength of Bell ADTs, to deliver a great result for our customers. The demand in the mining sector continues unabated and where very soft underfoot conditions mean that our B60E 4x4 is less suited, we’re able to offer a reliable and economical solution with the proven B50E.’

During bauma 2019, Bell Equipment will update the market on the transition of their earthmoving technology from EU Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emissions to meeting the new EU Stage V regulations that became effective at the beginning of 2019. This has impacted the engines supplied from long-time Bell partners Mercedes-Benz/MTU.

‘As an OEM, both Mercedes-Benz and MTU kept us informed of the developments, having listened to our needs,’ said Mr du Pisanie. ‘This means that we could already factor in the present concept during the design of our E-series. This has ensured a reliable and, above all, economic upgrade.

‘The power characteristics of the engines have remained unchanged, while Mercedes-Benz have confirmed a 3% improvement in fuel consumption. Ease of maintenance is ensured by a comprehensive integration between the Mercedes Benz/MTU and Bell electronics, as well as by good access for all serviceable items.’

Another key enhancement has been on the high-volume Bell B30E model, which now incorporates the new Allison 3400 XFE transmission. Mr du Pisanie added: ‘The transmission has closer and more evenly spaced gear ratios to ensure the better use of power and torque even at low engine speeds for further fuel savings. The transmission retarder will be replaced by the automatic retarder function of the wet brakes, which features automatic downhill speed control found on the larger Bell trucks, as well as an automatic hill hold feature.’

Visitors to the Bell Equipment stand will also be informed of the latest developments in the company’s aftermarket service offerings. They include: new added features of the satellite-based Fleetm@tic management system; financing programmes; and new repair and maintenance offerings that can be tailor-made for each type of application and customer profile.


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