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Avoid costly repairs with Finning SOS

Engine performance is an important factor to any quarry manager and unnecessary downtime can impact on productivity. To help companies avoid costly repairs, Finning UK offer a Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) Service.

In this three-stage service, fluid samples from the engine are analyzed for any potential problems or abnormalities, allowing preventative action to be taken or essential maintenance work to be scheduled in advance.

Using a SOS kit from Finning, an operator takes a fuel, coolant or oil sample from all machine compartments every 250h. The samples are then sent to the Finning SOS Fluids Analysis Laboratory, where various tests are carried out and results are analysed by a team of professional diagnosticians, with action being recommended when necessary.

Finning also offer a ‘live sample’ option. Using a live sample valve, the operator can plug into the engine, transmissions and hydraulics for a fluid sample. This provides an accurate reading and ensures the sample is taken from working parts of the machine.

Fluid dilution, an increase in copper and iron contamination, and sudden deterioration in particle count are some of the problems that fluid analysis can highlight, thus saving the quarry manager the expense of a major repair to a vehicle at a later date.

Finning say around 50% of all engine problems are associated with cooling systems, but with SOS, together with correct diagnosis and verification, engine damage and repair can be avoided.

Results can be sent to any computer via Finning’s web-based report system – My SOS – which can be accessed at any time. The web application can save sample results periodically to help identify potential trends and all information is downloadable.

Finning UK, Watling Street, Cannock, Staffs WS11 8LL; tel: (0800) 028 7778.


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