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Atlas Copco launch upgraded XATS 138 portable compressor

Atlas Copco XATS 138 compressor

Company adds PACE technology and HardHat canopy design to updated compressor model

ATLAS Copco have launched a upgraded version of their XATS 138 single-axle portable compressor. The newly designed XATS 138 unit now features PACE (pressure adjusted through cognitive electronics) technology and a HardHat polyethylene canopy.

Through the PACE system, end-users can precisely match air flow and pressure to their specific application needs. Operating pressures on the XATS 138 compressor can be adjusted by increments of 0.1 bar via an intuitive XC2003 controller. The ergonomically positioned controller provides diagnostics, tracks the compressor’s utilization and indicates planned service interventions.


The compressor has been enhanced further with the addition of the HardHat canopy, which protects vital internal components and ensures its performance and appearance are optimized for many years of continuous service. The bodywork of the XATS 138 is also protected by a three-layer corrosion-resistance system, including a Zincor, primer and a powder coating.

Lightweight and compact, the compressor is mounted on a single axle, which increases its manoeuvrability. Furthermore, the XATS 138 unit’s small footprint makes it easier to tow compared with other models in the same power class.

The compressor is powered by a four-cylinder, Stage IIIB emissions-compliant Kubota engine equipped with a DOC-DPF after-treatment exhaust system. The normal effective working pressure range is 7–10.3 bar with a flow of 5.5–7.0 cubic metres per minute.

To minimize maintenance and service costs, the XATS 138 offers extended service intervals of 1,000h or once every two years, on average, while the engine is every 500h or once a year.


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