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Atlas Copco help maximize sustainability

Atlas Copco ZenergieZe Energy Storage System hybrid power solution

Company takes sustainability, productivity, and efficiency to new levels with hybrid power solutions

THE new range of Energy Storage Systems from Atlas Copco maximizes sustainability for operators by working in hybrid mode with efficient diesel-driven generators. This solution helps cover power peaks and low loads – extending their lifespan and providing a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Energy storage solutions featuring long-life, low maintenance, and high-density Lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries, working in hybrid mode with diesel-driven generators, are an effective solution for companies operating in demanding and/or noise-sensitive applications. The new hybrid power solutions help meet the toughest sustainability targets while achieving maximum levels of productivity and efficiency.


Well suited to highly demanding applications that require a continuous flow of clean and quiet energy, Atlas Copco’s range of Energy Storage Systems offers users 40,000h of uninterrupted operation and an overload capability of 150%. The units can operate autonomously for up to 12h and rapidly recharge in 1.5h. Moreover, the Lithium-ion batteries can work in temperatures between –20°C and 50°C.

Almost 70% more compact and lightweight than traditional alternatives, the Energy Storage Systems can achieve a completely green solution while operating in island mode, registering zero CO2 emissions and zero noise. When working in hybrid mode, together with a generator, they optimize the solution, reducing noise levels and fuel consumption.

This makes all the models of the ZenergiZe Energy Storage Systems range – ZBP45, ZBE45, ZBC100-575, ZBC150-575, ZBC250-575, ZBC300-300, and ZBC500-250 – particularly suited to rental applications and environments with noise level restrictions, allowing operators to work for extended periods with minimum downtime, including well into the night if required. Additionally, Atlas Copco’s Energy Storage Systems can store and deliver energy from renewable sources, such as solar or wind.

Offering the most efficient hybrid alternative to using a large generator for variable loads is the combination of Atlas Copco’s Energy Storage Systems (ZBP and ZBC models) and the company’s latest QAS+ generators. Compared with a generator of 650kVA, working as a standalone solution, a ZBC250-575 with a QAS+ 325 in hybrid mode can reduce daily fuel consumption by up to 80% – equivalent to approximately 200 tonnes of CO2 during their working life. This has a significant impact on productivity, boosting it by 50% and keeping the solutions’ total cost of ownership to an absolute minimum.

Atlas Copco’s Energy Storage Systems optimize the generator’s performance, extending its lifespan by up to 15% and cutting in half any maintenance and overhaul requirements. At the same time, the QAS+ features a built-in power-management system that allows rapid and efficient paralleling, ensuring optimal fuel consumption levels and eliminating the need for generators to run with low load levels.

Atlas Copco’s QAS+ generators are Stage V compliant and the company’s most efficient and sustainable diesel generators. Also, the QAS+ range is, on average, 5–8dBA quieter than comparable generators and can reduce noise levels by up to six times, depending on the application and the load profile.

With a footprint up to 25% smaller than its peers, the QAS+ is easy to transport and use on site, offering straightforward plug-and-play connectivity. The generator also features a smart variable-speed drive (VSD) motor-driven fan. It adjusts the cooling flow to the specific requirements of the engine, minimizing power loss to cool the engine and contributing to superior levels of fuel efficiency. Other features of the QAS+ generator include a user-friendly touchscreen and up to eight sockets, a terminal board, and optional power locks.

While the hybrid solution offers optimal benefits to operators, an additional feature of Atlas Copco’s Energy Storage Systems is that they can run with any generator and a single generator can be used with multiple battery-driven units.

Barbara Gregorio, product marketing manager for innovative energies and digital solutions at Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow division, said: ‘Sustainability is more important than ever in an increasing number of highly demanding industry sectors. Our range of Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems offers the perfect hybrid power delivery and management solution when used with our advanced QAS+ generators.

‘Operators who have been looking to slash their carbon footprint while at the same time reducing their total cost of ownership and minimizing their return on investment (ROI) periods now have just what they require.’


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