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Atlas Copco add to QAS generator range

Atlas Copco QAS 620 generator

New QAS 630 said to generate 20% more power than a QAS 500 without needing a larger footprint

ATLAS Copco have extended the power range of their QAS series of generators with the addition of the QAS 630. By incorporating the compact frame of the QAS 500, the QAS 630 is said to generate 20% more power without needing a larger footprint.

The expanded QAS generator series provides complete, compact and fuel-efficient solutions from 14 to 630kVA, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of applications throughout the world.

Julio Tome, product marketing manager for large generators at Atlas Copco, said: ‘Since we introduced the new QAS line in 2007, we always intended for the complete range to go up to 630kVA. Today, we have achieved that milestone in the most innovative way, by fitting the new model into the frame of the existing QAS 500.’

Like other models in the QAS series, the QAS 630 boasts a compact, sturdy design in a rugged galvanized enclosure which reduces noise levels and ensures reliable operation. In addition, the spillage-free frame minimizes environmental impact.

The standard fuel tank has a capacity of more than 900 litres and can provide power for a full work shift at full load. An optional long-autonomy fuel tank can extend the running time up to 24 hours, depending on load requirements.

To meet the frequent moving and multi-drop needs of the rental business, the QAS 630 facilitates easy transportation, installation and storage with its small dimensions, balanced weight and strong base frame with forklift slots.

Also, in keeping with the QAS development tradition, serviceability was a top priority in the product design. Large doors and removable service plates ensure superior accessibility and quick maintenance, whilst heavy-duty filtration systems allow for long service intervals to further reduce downtime.

The QAS 630 (630kVA/500kW at 50Hz prime power) comes in one emission variant (Stage II) and meets different regulatory requirements around the world, including the EU.

The generator features the advanced but simple-to-operate Qc4003 controller, with a plug-and-play design that allows simple and fast configuration. Other features include the ability to remotely start and program the machine, as well as data-analysis capability.

The controller is equipped with a power-management system that ensures the optimization of fuel consumption and expands the lifetime of generators when they are working in parallel to form a mobile or independent power plant.

Additionally, Digital AVR is included as option. This new type of voltage controller permits customers to downsize the required generator in specific applications by allowing them to manage the transient behaviour of the power. With smart control of the generator’s voltage, it is possible to achieve reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and longer generator life. 

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