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Astec addressing climate change

Astec join NAPA climate initiative Astec aim to deliver net-zero carbon emission asphalt production and construction by 2050

Company strengthens sustainability commitment by joining NAPA climate initiative

ASTEC Industries have strengthened their commitment to combating climate change by joining The Road Forward – an industry-wide initiative of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), to engage, educate, and empower the US asphalt sector to produce and construct net-zero carbon emission asphalt pavements by 2050.

‘Sustainability is embedded in our strategy,’ said Jaco van der Merwe, group president of Astec. ‘We have a responsibility to do what is right for society and our planet, and that includes doing our part to help combat climate change.’


Launched in January 2022, The Road Forward is a multi-year effort of collaboration and co-operation between companies, industry bodies, and key stakeholders within the asphalt industry that will help pave the way for innovation and implementation of sustainable solutions.

In supporting The Road Forward, Astec will help fund ongoing research and education to aid the US asphalt industry in delivering net-zero carbon emission asphalt production and construction by 2050.

‘It is significant that Astec has committed to The Road Forward,’ said NAPA president and CEO, Audrey Copeland. ‘Since its founding, the company has demonstrated leadership on issues that advance our industry, the communities they serve, and our shared climate. Astec’s support of The Road Forward propels our collective vision for the future – sustainable communities and commerce, connected by net-zero carbon asphalt pavements.’

Astec are a world market leader in the manufacture of environmentally friendly asphalt paving and production equipment, including cold planers and double barrel drum mixers.

Mr van der Merwe said: ‘Our partnership with NAPA and The Road Forward reaffirms our commitment to design and manufacture heavy equipment that helps promote a healthy environment for generations to come.’


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