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Ashcourt Group build sustainable future with new CDE plant

New CDE waste-recycling plant for Ashcourt Group New CDE waste-recycling plant for Ashcourt Group

Aggregates firm commissions 100 tonnes/h C&D waste-recycling plant in East Yorkshire 

ESTABLISHED in 1996, Ashcourt Group are a leading construction materials supplier throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East. The company operates a number of state-of-the-art wet batch concrete batching facilities, which are said to be some of the largest and most technically advanced concrete production facilities in their operating area. 

Ashcourt Group produce and distribute a wide range of high-quality aggregate products derived from a network of quarries, wash plants and overseas imports.

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As one of the biggest concrete manufacturers and aggregate suppliers in their operating region, the company has recently expanded its operations with the installation of a new waste washing plant at its Pocklington site, in East Yorkshire, which will be used to support its existing concrete and aggregates businesses.

Commenting on the decision to invest in the CDE equipment, Emily Summerson, group operations director for Ashcourt Group, said: ‘As a market leader and innovator, Ashcourt Group is forward looking and recognizes the need to move towards providing more sustainable construction materials. There is a market shift in what customers are looking for, as many customers now care about the green credentials of their materials and materials suppliers.

Ashcourt Group had confidence in CDE’s expertise to design a solution which would increase the amount of material they could process to meet current business and market demands.

Reginald Port, director of Ashcourt (Hull & East Yorkshire), commented: ‘We spoke to some major suppliers and decided to opt for CDE based on their extensive experience with this type of plant. I had visited a number of older CDE plants which have been operational for over a decade. We are interested in the lifetime of this investment, and we know that with CDE we have a long-term partner that will continue to provide support across the life of the plant.’

To serve the changing market landscape, CDE developed and engineered a 100 tonnes/h wet-processing solution for Ashcourt. The plant comprises a CDE R4500 primary scalping screen, an AggMax 252R scrubbing and classification system, an EvoWash sand wash plant, an AquaCycle A600 thickener, and a filter press sludge dewatering system.

 The R4500 electric scalper with apron feeder delivers superior protection of the downstream process by maximizing product yield from feed material. The construction of the VibroCentric drive removes unnecessary weight whilst delivering acceleration up to 5G for enhanced screening performance.  

The AggMax scrubbing and classification system combines pre-screening, scrubbing, organics removal, sizing, stockpiling, fines recovery and filtrates removal on a compact chassis. The integrated trash screen allows for the removal of organics and other lightweight contaminants.

The pioneering AggMax scrubbing, and classification system combines pre-screening, scrubbing, organics removal, sizing, stockpiling, fines recovery and filtrates removal on a compact chassis. The integrated trash screen allows for the effective removal of organics and other lightweight contaminants.

The EvoWash sand washing system is engineered for in-spec sands with hydrocyclone technology and gives ‘unparalleled’ control of silk cut points. It is also equipped with the VibroSync drive centre which distributes power evenly across the full screening area and ensures maximum transfer of energy to material for increased dewatering performance.

The integration of CDE’s AquaCycle technology is allowing the site to recycle more water. An alternative to water extraction and the process of pumping water to the plant, CDE’s AquaCycle is designed to minimize water consumption by ensuring up to 90% of process water is recycled for immediate recirculation.

The CDE filter press sludge dewatering system The CDE filter press sludge dewatering system

The CDE filter press eliminates the need for tailings dams or settling ponds, maximizing overall plant efficiency and reducing waste handling. According to CDE, the filter cake contains 85% dry solids and can be used in several applications such as pond lining or landfill capping. The plant also features AutoLime, which controls the lime mixing process. 

The new CDE waste-recycling plant produces six final products: two sands; 0–2mm soft sand; 0–4mm coarse sand; and three aggregates (4–10mm, 20–40mm, and 40–80mm); as well as the filter cake which will be applied in lining landfill cells.

With the opening of the new wash plant, Ashcourt Group have reinforced their position as a leading provider of building materials in the area and continue to stay committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Ms Summerson said: ‘Since commissioning the plant in June 2023, our recycled materials have been well received in the marketplace with great feedback on the quality. We provide the highest rates of recycling possible and this new plant in Pocklington is helping enhance this. We are currently diverting more than 90% of material which would have otherwise been sent to landfill.’

Discussing the value of the additional plant, Reginald Port added: ‘The wash plant has allowed us to keep our tipping reserve free and internalized a lot of spend which previously went to third parties. With the wash plant, we can become increasingly more self-sufficient to supply our own construction projects and reduce costs. The wash plant has met our expectations, in fact, it has exceeded them with the specified tonnages. We thought 100 tonnes/h would be top end-processing, but we are regularly doing 115–120 tonnes/h and up to 150 tonnes/h depending on the feed material.’

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