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Ammann weighing system

Following the successful development and installation of their AS1 control system at various sites worldwide, Ammann have developed the AS1 weighing system, which can be integrated into an AS1 environment or work as a standalone unit.

The weighing system records weighing orders, weighs vehicles and issues delivery notes. When combined with a process control system, it allows the user to benefit from functions such as hot-mix storage silo accounting, mineral requirement calculation, automated vehicle loading and management of hot asphalt storage silos.

Also, by networking the weighbridges to form a composite unit, synergy effects can be exploited for master data maintenance and administration.


The Ammann system benefits from interfacing with different weighbridges from various manufacturers, as well as invoicing programmes. The equipment also provides rapid order entry and processing, allows several weighbridges to be networked to create a composite unit, and traffic control systems, such as traffic lights and indicator panels, can be installed.


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