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A UK first for AW Demolition

Rotar RCC concrete cutter

Contractors use first of a kind Rotar concrete cutter to successfully demolish Manchester’s ‘Berlin Wall’ 

SPECIALIST contractors AW Demolition have invested in the UK’s first Rotar RCC concrete cutter from machinery attachment distributors Worsley Plant. The unique demolition attachment – which has been specially engineered for heavy demolition work – is suitable for tearing down thick concrete structures with strong reinforcements. 

After taking delivery, AW Demolition quickly put the Rotar RCC 30 attachment to work at Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, where it has been instrumental in pulling down the iconic ‘Berlin Wall’ as part of a city centre regeneration project. 

Working in collaboration with Hyde Demolition on the high-profile contract, AW Demolition’s Rotar concrete cutter made light work of bringing down the huge concrete structure which had been standing for 18 years.

Austin Wilkinson of AW Demolition has nothing but full of praise for the Rotar concrete cutter, which has strengthened the company’s fleet of Rotar demolition attachments and provided cutting-edge technology to help the business operate with enhanced efficiency, power and speed.

Developed to meet primary demolition needs, the Rotar RCC 30 utilizes ‘Ramplifier’ technology which offer a higher force of cutting power from 350 to 700 bar. 

Other key features of the concrete cutter include: easily replaceable, wear-resistant teeth that reduces downtime; larger infrastructure of hydraulic lines which increases durability, efficiency and fuel economy; and longer rebar cutter blades for improved performance and power. 

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