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A successful first year of recycling for the Max X Tract density separator

Since the launch of the Max X Tract and Flex X Tract machines at last year’s RWM show, Worsley Plant, suppliers of equipment for separating, reducing and screening waste, have supplied a number of the machines to clients.

The Max X Tract and Flex X Tract density separators are designed to separate -100mm materials at a rate of 100 tonnes/h to provide customers with higher value materials, whilst reducing the amount of material going to landfill.

During the last year, Worsley Plant have worked with some key customers in the recycling and waste management industries to help them reduce their waste disposal costs, whilst maximizing material recovery.


Wheeldon Brothers run four waste and recycling transfer stations in Greater Manchester processing over 120,000 tonnes of construction and demolition and commercial and industrial waste each year. Each day around 120 tonnes of trommel fines were sent to landfill and much of this was +8mm material and would have incurred the standard rate of landfill tax. Now, after the installation of a Max X Tract separator, only 6% of material incurs the standard rate of landfill tax and over 60% can be recovered and sold. Within three months of purchase Wheeldon Brothers had covered the cost of the installation.

Griffiths Recycling, a Swansea-based waste management and recycling company, needed to process 5,590 tonnes of residual fines from a materials recycling facility, which would have cost them nearly £360,000 to send to landfill. By installing a Max X Tract they were able to recover 2,877 tonnes of clean glass fragments, which were suitable for recycling and 764 tonnes of paper, plastics and card, which were used as refuse-derived fuel. As a result, only 1,949 tonnes of fines were sent to landfill, which saved the company over £230,000. They also received a rebate for the recovered glass. 

Worsley Plant’s dedicated sales team will be on hand at the RWM show to give advise on their range of products and explain how they can be tailored to suit individual needs.

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