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EP16 - EMS Annual Review

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What is this?

This is a written procedure that outlines how to carry out the annual review of the EMS. A PDF of the procedure is available to download (see attached), please use it in conjunction with the associated documentation mentioned below.

What does the managing director need to do?

The managing director must ensure that an annual review of the EMS takes place and involves all key personnel involved with its implementation (responsible manager, consultants etc).

What does the responsible manager need to do?

The responsible manager must ensure that:

  • All relevant information is available for review (as detailed below and as required for the agenda)
  • All existing targets and objectives have been completed, and new ones are discussed and agreed for the forthcoming year
  • After the meeting, the results (minutes of the meeting) are available for all company employees and other interested parties
  • New targets are put into the environmental manual and itemised on the site improvement action plan.

What does the management review involve?

The annual management review will consider and document the following information from the EMS:


  1. The environmental policy
  2. The environmental objectives
  3. The environmental targets
  4. The site improvement action plan
  5. Results from internal and external audits and evaluations of legal compliance (including reports from the Environment Agency)
  6. Non-conformance reports
  7. Communications from external interested parties including complaints
  8. The environmental performance of the organisation (review of KPIs against previous years)
  9. The extent to which the targets and objectives have been met
  10. Status of corrective and preventative actions
  11. Actions from previous management reviews
  12. Changing circumstances including developments in legal and other requirements related to the environmental aspects and impacts
  13. Recommendations for improvement
  14. Provision of resources.


  1. Minutes of the meeting including:
    1. Decisions and actions relating to the environmental policy, objectives, targets and other elements
    2. Action plan of the new targets set.

Note: The review will also record any observations, conclusions and recommendations.

Associated documentation

EMS Sections

  • Management Review
  • Environmental Impact Review
  • Targets and Objectives

Environmental Procedures

  • EP04 – Specifying Targets and Objectives
  • EP05 – Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • EP06 – Document Control
  • EP07 – Internal and External Communications
  • EP08 – Complaint Handling
  • EP12 – Provision, Monitoring and Review of Resources
  • EP13 – System Verification and Corrective Action
  • EP15 – Management Audits
  • EP17 – Reporting and Accounting


  • EF02 – Site Improvement Action Plan
  • EF13 – Annual Review Agenda Template

This workplace procedure forms part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that enables all personnel working for the company, whether directly or indirectly, to carry out their duties in a manner which will preserve the environment around them and ensure that the policy statement of the company is adhered to. The procedures can be viewed here.

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