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Martin Engineering

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Conveyor belt tracking system
08 November 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Roller Tracker designed to increase performance and wear life for single-direction or reversing belts

Conveyor safety book
29 October 2016 | Safety, Health & Environment

Industry-first reference book from Martin Engineering presents global best practices for conveyor safety

Conveyor blade replacement service from Martin Engineering
27 September 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Company launches new free replacement programme for conveyor belt cleaners

Roll Gen system
16 August 2016 | Plant & Equipment

New technology generates electrical power using the kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt

Washbox conveyor belt cleaner
19 July 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Washbox conveyor belt cleaner designed to remove difficult carryback including sticky material and fines

Conveyor belt cleaner
10 May 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Challenging conveyor problems addressed by family of specialized secondary belt cleaners

Pin latch belt cleaner
12 April 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Latest Pin Latch belt cleaner offers ease of maintenance and enhanced cleaning performance

Robert Nogaj
16 February 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Former vice-president of operations Robert Nogaj appointed as chief operating officer

Air cannons
27 October 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Company’s conveyor products and material flow aids gain Eurasian Conformity Mark

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SHD conveyor belt cleaner
27 September 2015 | Plant & Equipment

SHD cleaning units specially developed for fastest and most heavily loaded belt applications

Conveyor belt tracking system
31 August 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Company’s latest conveyor belt tracking systems help reduce spillage and potential fire hazard

Martin Engineering training in Russia
07 July 2015 | Plant & Equipment

US-based Martin Engineering hold their first ‘Foundations’ training programme seminar in Russia

CleanScrape belt cleaner
07 July 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Martin Engineering to look after sales of CleanScrape belt cleaner across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

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12 May 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Martin Engineering GmbH become sole distributors of CleanScrape conveyor belt cleaners

Impact cradle
28 April 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Cradles designed to prevent conveyor belt and mainframe damage and eliminate spillage of materials