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News article

Martin Cullimore
12 March 2021 | Concrete

Gloucestershire-based concrete firm announces fleet and staff investments during 50th anniversary year

Roger Cullimore
08 July 2019 | Quarrying

Special recognition award from the British Aggregates Association as well-known businessman steps aside

Moreton Cullimore
05 April 2019 | Quarrying

Cullimore Group managing director elected to two key positions within the Road Haulage Association

Thompsons Sandmaster truck body
25 February 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Quarrying firm takes delivery of its first Thompsons Sandmaster lightweight alloy body


13 February 2019 | Legislation & Regulation

Moreton Cullimore, managing director of The Cullimore Group, lends his thoughts on current urban regulations and the impact they may or may not be having on the environment, as well as the...

31 May 2018 | Business & Finance

Moreton Cullimore explains why his company is focusing on creating a much more open culture of opportunity for the entire workforce

16 February 2018 | Planning & Development

Moreton Cullimore, managing director of the Cullimore Group, champions the role of aggregates and calls for greater government support for the industry

13 September 2017 | Environment & Restoration

The Cullimore Group discuss strategies to ensure quarry restoration schemes meet the UK’s biodiversity requirements and future-proof extraction business models in a finite industry