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Automation & control


15 August 2019 | Automation & Control

How automated data capture using network-connected devices, web-based reporting and advanced analytical tools is driving improvements across aggregates operations

15 August 2019 | Automation & Control

With uptime being a key priority for their customers, JCB are investing heavily in a huge expansion of digital technology that is providing transformational improvements in global customer support...

15 August 2019 | Automation & Control

Automation technology is advancing, but what features do customers actually want? Volvo CE’s Tina Lefebvre, global director of connected services, and Koen Sips, vice-president of customer...

15 August 2019 | Automation & Control

Increasing automation is met with excitement and fear in equal measure, but the benefits for mankind are enormous, says Professor Paul Newman, co-founder of autonomous vehicle software company...

15 August 2019 | Automation & Control

Innovative 80GHz radar reliability increases productivity in the screen house for E&JW Glendinning

18 July 2019 | Education & Training

How an independent sand and gravel extractor is leading the way with investment in intelligent plant to deliver measurable improvements in performance

17 June 2015 | Automation & Control

4B Braime Elevator Components outline how, their secure cloud-based solution, is designed to revolutionize the site monitoring and maintenance of conveyors and elevators

17 June 2015 | Automation & Control

CDE assess custom-build CRM systems against off-the-shelf systems

17 June 2015 | Automation & Control

Siemens explain how their new Plant Cloud Services platform will help drive forward the digitization of industrial control

23 September 2014 | Automation & Control

Intelligent control and monitoring of feed into crushing/screening operations can increase throughput and product quality whilst improving operator occupational health, safety and well-being....