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Lorry Sheeting Platform

Platforms provided at the exit from a quarry to afford the driver safe access to the body of a road wagon so that the load could be covered by a sheet to prevent spillage.  This is not now considered to be best practice and modern wagons are fitted with mechanical sheeting devices.

Glossary image: 
Lorry sheeting platform

Loading Bays

Clearly demarcated areas where road wagons are loaded usually from overhead bunkers or conveyors but also from ground level stockpiles using a wheeled loader.

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Loading bays

Landfill Compactor

When filling with domestic waste the compactor is a modified form of articulated wheeled loader or dozer.  The tyres are replaced by heavy steel wheels having blades or tynes to cut and compact the loose waste and the bucket is replaced with a pusher blade.  A simple ‘bull-dozer’ may be employed when landfilling soils and inerts and vibrating rollers may be used in civil engineering projects.


Landfill Cells

When landfilling wastes, a large excavation is divided into small compartments, ‘cells’, constructed from inert waste in order to control the process.

Glossary image: 
Landfill cells


Designated landfill sites are managed to receive waste for final underground disposal under the provisions of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1996 as amended.