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Foamed Concrete

Foamed concrete is a lightweight material produced by incorporating pre-formed foam into a base mix of cement paste using specially designed mixing plant. Entrapped air bubbles reduce the density of the base mix and have a strong plasticising effect upon it. The resulting foamed concrete is initially free flowing but rapidly hardens.



Aggregates used for infilling voids or to make-up ground level. Aggregates can be of low specification, with limited requirements for contamination or grading, or of high specification, with more controls over the grading, contamination and composition. The specification of the fill will be dependent on its use (for example, next to structural concrete or behind a retaining wall).


Full Dip

The maximum angle, measured in a vertical plane, between the plane of the stratum and the horizontal. The vertical section containing the full dip is at right angles to the line of strike.

Also: true dip



An overcurrent protection device which prevents excessive currents from flowing in a circuit by the melting of a fuse element.

See also: safety fuse