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abbr. California bearing ratio

A relative value which expresses the bearing capacity of a soil or pavement layer in comparison with a result obtained by using a standard crushed rock material. It is determined by the test procedures defined in BS 1377.


Crusher Bucket

A bucket containing an hydraulically powered crushing device that can be attached to an hydraulic excavator.  The base of the bucket is a grid which allows the crushed material to be discharged.  Can be useful in construction and demolition activities.

Also: bucket crusher

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Crusher bucket

Crawler Loader

A machine fitted with crawler tracks and an hydraulically operated loading bucket.  Once common in road construction sites, they are not common in quarries where the articulated wheeled loader is more versatile.

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Crawler loader

Chip Spreader

A device for spreading a desired measured quantity of chips onto the surface of newly laid asphalt, especially hot rolled asphalt.  The chips confer skid resistance to the road surface.