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01 June 2007 | Recycling & Waste
The first C&D waste processing site in Wales opens for business
01 June 2007 | Environment & Restoration
Setting up an SMR operation to take on type-one in the utilities industry. The message from CGCS and SMR Premixd is simple. Utility companies should use their own excavation waste as type-one...
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01 June 2007 | Materials Processing
Hillhead is all about quarriers and recyclers working together with products and services firms to try and find the best route for business development. In light of this MQR wanted to highlight the...
01 June 2007 | Environment & Restoration
The RSPB highlights how the careful recreation of dry acid grassland created from workings can help attract endangered birds and reverse the recent trend for reducing the number of hectares of...
01 May 2007 | Automation & Control
Designed to operate within harsh environments, fast, high-security Lynx switches from Westermo are being used to develop an Ethernet redundancy ring for efficient data control and monitoring at a...
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01 May 2007 | Marine Aggregates
Aggregates supplies are generally associated with land-based quarries but marine sources supply almost a fifth of sand and gravel needs in England and Wales. With more aggregates required to meet...
01 May 2007 | Education & Training
Carol Pillinger, newly appointed director/general manager of EMP Awarding Body Ltd, offers an outsider’s perspective
01 May 2007 | Education & Training
A longer-term strategy for members to address skills-enhancement initiatives through EPIC By Clive Webb, managing director, EPIC Training and Consulting Services Ltd
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01 May 2007 | Education & Training
Proskills is the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the process and manufacturing sector, which represents the extractive and mineral-processing industries as well as building products, coatings, glass...
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01 May 2007 | Education & Training
Raising the standard of education and qualifications to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century Starting in July 2008, successful candidates in The Institute of Quarrying’s examination will...
03 April 2007 | Health & Safety
Historically, mobile plant and other vehicles have been the main source of accidents in the quarrying industry. The high number of movements on site each day, coupled with the nature of the mobile...
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02 April 2007 | Environment & Restoration
The UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan seeks the creation of 120hectatres of saline lagoon by 2015.The latest RSPB/MQR article in a series of six shows how the former clay workings at Cliffe Pools in...
02 April 2007 | Site reports
WBB Minerals optimize the utilization of their ball clay resources
02 April 2007 | Asphalt
“If you want the fame and the gain then you have to take the pain.” Worthy of a sporting motivational quote, this is the simple leadership wisdom of one of aggregates’ most colourful characters,...
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02 April 2007 | Materials Processing
Faint rumbles on the surface of the planet usually belie a tumultuous shift deep in the lower levels of the earth. Similar plate movements are underway at Dig-a-crusher and it is not just in the...
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