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Legislation & Regulation

01 September 2005 | Legislation & Regulation
The implications of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 for the quarrying industryThe Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW) is commonly known for giving the public the ‘right to roam’ over...
02 May 2005 | Legislation & Regulation
Is there a way of developing new landfills on major aquifers?Mineral operators are facing strict regulations on the restoration of extraction sites. Landfilling has been a viable and profitable...
01 March 2005 | Legislation & Regulation
Proposed replacement of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994By Phil ElsdonThe Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) apply to any construction works being...
01 February 2005 | Legislation & Regulation
New legislation that comes into effect at the end of 2005 will have a major impact on UK roadstone producersThe Waste Incineration Directive 2000/87/EC is new legislation that incorporates the old...
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01 December 2004 | Legislation & Regulation
New regulations concerning the abstraction and movement of water come into force next year. Stewart Lenton, principal, and David Morgan, associate hydrogeologist, SLR Consulting Ltd, outline the...
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02 August 2004 | Legislation & Regulation | 1 Comment
A detailed look at how the new Pollution Prevention Control Regulations will affect quarry operators planning to landfill worked-out areas or sitesThe Pollution Prevention Control Regulations present...
01 July 2004 | Legislation & Regulation
UK quarries have now adopted European standards for quarry products and supporting test methods, but are the products still the same?UK quarries adopted the European standards for quarry products and...
Tagged in: European Standards
01 August 2003 | Legislation & Regulation
Anwen Hughes and Sue Paterson from Carl Bro — consultants and engineers, take the lid off the new Water Bill and consider how quarry operators in England and Wales might prepare.The scope of the...
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03 March 2003 | Legislation & Regulation
Andy Miller, Head of the HSE Explosives Policy Team, outlines the current review of explosives legislation and the proposals for revised separation distances around explosives sitesThe Explosives Act...
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02 September 2002 | Legislation & Regulation
Implications for mineral site restoration by Alan Potter For the past decade the prospect of the Landfill Directive has been viewed with trepidation by the UK waste-management industry,...
01 July 2002 | Legislation & Regulation
Is the Environmental Management Standard Adding Value?Since its publication in September 1996, over 32,000 ISO 14001 (the international environmental management system standard) certificates have...
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