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01 January 2004 | Asphalt
State-of-the-art asphalt plants are no longer just about maximizing production – they need to be energy efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly too. Claire Symes visited a new plant in...
01 January 2004 | Asphalt
BP Bitumen and Foster Yeoman redefine bitumen stock managementBy Phil ShirleyBP Bitumen, a European leader in the development, production and supply of bitumen products, and Foster Yeoman, one of the...
01 January 2004 | Asphalt
The close relationship between bitumen and aggregate sometimes needs help It is well known that adhesion at the interface between bitumen and aggregate is one of the principal functional...
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01 January 2004 | Asphalt
Automated systems for today’s specialized asphalt mixesIn recent years the adverse impact of traffic on the country’s road network has increased significantly and will continue to do so....
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01 January 2003 | Asphalt
Environmental asphalt — WAM-Foam In recent years the asphalt industry has seen significant interest in manufacturing asphalt at lower temperatures. Advances in technology, coupled with...
02 January 2002 | Asphalt
A new breed of batch heaters from MixlanceMixlance have developed a new breed of batch heaters designed to mix the complete range of coated products including hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) and heavy-duty...
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02 January 2002 | Asphalt
Nottingham Centre for Pavement Engineering leads the way in product development and technical serviceDuring the last five years or so there has been a revolution in the road-maintenance and asphalt...
02 January 2002 | Asphalt
Cold recycling in modern road rehabilitation For economical and ecological reasons, the bound bituminous material that accumulates during the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads is being...
02 January 2002 | Asphalt
One of Britain’s newest asphalt coating plants is winning favour with customers keen on receiving efficient service delivery and custom-designed material, reports Mike Walter Contractors from...